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Update HowToRelease.txt
7 years ago
src Streamline ".gitignore" files 8 years ago
Bopm.txt doc/Bopm.txt: Update file header 10 years ago
Capabilities.txt Fix several broken URLs. 8 years ago
Commands.txt Commands.txt, PRIVMSG: Fix "server mask" description 8 years ago
Contributing.txt Documentation: Spelling fixes 8 years ago
FAQ.txt Documentation: Spelling fixes 8 years ago
HowToRelease.txt Update HowToRelease.txt 7 years ago Remote GIT.txt from Makefile[.am], too! 8 years ago
Modes.txt Modes.txt: Add "name prefixes" to channel user mode description 8 years ago
PAM.txt PAM.txt: Add note about /etc/pam.d/ngircd permissions 7 years ago
Platforms.txt Platforms.txt: Add and update systems 7 years ago
Protocol.txt Cosmetic changes to METADATA 10 years ago
README-AUX.txt Update links to "Arthur" to use the HTTP protocol 10 years ago
README-BeOS.txt Fix spelling in some documents. 15 years ago
README-Interix.txt doc/README-Interix.txt: note that GNU make should be used 12 years ago
RFC.txt 2017! 7 years ago
SSL.txt doc/SSL.txt: adopt to new configuration file layout 12 years ago
Services.txt Services.txt: Show Atheme "name" in example configuration 7 years ago
sample-ngircd.conf.tmpl Add PAMServiceName setting to specify the used PAM configuration 7 years ago