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ngIRCd - Next Generation IRC Server
(c)2001-2014 Alexander Barton and Contributors.
ngIRCd is free software and published under the
terms of the GNU General Public License.
-- BOPM.txt --
I. Introduction
Citing <>: "BOPM is an open source open proxy
monitor, designed for use with hybrid-based ircds, although it can be used
with slight modification on any server which has the ability to show connects
to opers and that supports KLINEs."
Starting with Release 17, ngIRCd supports all required log messages that
BOPM requires to be useful.
II. Installation
Install BOPM as usual, please see the BOPM documentation for details.
Afterwards adjust the following configuration parameters that are important
for ngIRCd:
a) BOPM "IRC" section:
1) Set "server" and "port" accordingly,
2) adjust the "oper" line to match an [Operator] block in ngircd.conf,
3) change "mode" to "+ci" or "+c".
4) Set "connregex" to the following string, everything in one line(!):
"Client connecting: ([^ ]+) \\(([^@]+)@([^\\)]+)\\) \\[([0-9\\.]+)\\].*";
and comment out all the other "connregex" examples (that is, prepend a
"#" character).
5) Set "kline" to "GLINE *@%h :Open proxy found on your host!";
and comment out all the other "kline" examples.
b) BOPM "scanner" section:
Make sure you configure a valid "target_ip" and "target_port" for the
configured scanners to test. And please note that you CAN'T USE the port
of ngIRCd, because ngIRCd doesn't send any banner message by default!
So you need a service what sends a banner, so for example POP3, SMTP,
IMAP, or SSH daemons should work ...