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ngIRCd - Next Generation IRC Server
(c)2001-2015 Alexander Barton and Contributors.
ngIRCd is free software and published under the
terms of the GNU General Public License.
-- Modes.txt --
This document lists the different user modes, channel modes, and channel
user modes that ngIRCd supports.
I. User Modes
User modes are attributes a user has in the network, regardless of the
channels he is using at the moment.
mode since description
a 0.3.0 User is away.
b 20 User blocks private messages and notices.
B 20 User is flagged as a "bot".
c 17 IRC operator wants to receive connect/disconnect NOTICEs.
C 19 Only users that share a channel are allowed to send messages.
F 22 Relaxed flood protection (only settable by IRC Operators).
i 0.0.1 User is "invisible".
I 23 No channels are shown on WHOIS (IRC Ops can always see those).
o 0.0.1 User is IRC operator.
q 20 User is protected, can not be kicked from a channel.
r 0.0.1 User is restricted.
R (1) 19 User is registered (e.g. by NickServ).
s 0.4.0 User wants to receive server notices.
w 0.11.0 User wants to receive WALLOPS messages.
x 17 Hostname of this user is "cloaked".
II. Channel Modes
Channel modes are attributes of specific channels which are valid for all
users joined (or trying to join) to this channel. Some modes add and remove
users to lists (e.g. "invite list", "ban list"), others have parameters
(like "channel key"), most are simple flags (like "moderated").
mode since description
b 0.5.0 Add/remove a host mask to the ban list.
e 19 Add/remove a host mask to the exception list.
i 0.5.0 Channel is "invite only".
I 0.5.0 Add/remove a host mask to the invite list.
k 0.6.0 Channel has a "key" (a password).
l 0.6.0 Channel has a user limit.
m 0.3.0 Channel is moderated, only "voiced" users can send messages.
M 20 Only registered users (and IRC Ops) can send messages.
n 0.3.0 Channel doesn't allow messages of users not being members.
N 23 Users can't change their nickname while on this channel.
O 18 Only IRC operators are allowed to join this channel.
P 0.5.0 Channel is "persistent".
Q 20 Nobody can be kicked from the channel.
r (1) 19 Channel is "registered" (e.g. by ChanServ).
R 19 Only registered users are allowed to join this channel.
s 0.9.0 Channel is "secret".
t 0.3.0 Only ChanOps are allowed to modify the channel topic.
V 20 Channel doesn't allow invites.
z 16 Only users connected via SSL are allowed to join the channel.
III. Channel User Modes
Channel user modes are attributes that a particular user has in a specific
channel of which he is a member.
mode since description
q 20 User is channel owner. This mode can only be set by an IRC
service, other owner or IRC operator. Channel owners can
promote other users to all levels: q, a, o, h, v. Prefix: "~".
a 20 User is channel admin and can promote other users to v, h, o.
Prefix: "&".
o 0.2.0 User is channel operator and can op/kick/... other members.
Prefix: "@".
h 20 User is half op and can set channel modes imntvIbek and kick
voiced and normal users. Prefix: "%".
v 0.2.0 User is "voiced" and can speak even if channel is moderated.
Prefix: "+".
(1) This mode is not set by ngIRCd itself but by services. ngIRCd handles
the mode transparently and possibly adjusts its behavior.