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ngIRCd - Next Generation IRC Server
(c)2001-2017 Alexander Barton and Contributors.
ngIRCd is free software and published under the
terms of the GNU General Public License.
-- HowToRelease.txt --
I. Introduction
Creating a new ngIRCd release requires a few steps to follow: the source
tree must be in a releasable state (be up to date, include all required
patches, be tested on as many platforms as possible), a name for the new
release must be chosen, and all the files describing the release must be
updated accordingly.
Since ngIRCd release 13 (2009-12-25) we use "simple" release numbers for
major releases (e.g. "13", "17", "42", ...) introducing new features and
sub-releases for bug fixes only (e.g. "14.1", "22.3", ...).
When creating pre-releases or release candidates, please use the tilde ("~")
character to separate the "postfix" in the release number (e.g. "17~rc2"
or "123.4~rc6").
The release/version number of a build is automatically generated using the
GIT "describe" command, see git-describe(1). Therefore it is required that
a new release is tagged in the GIT tree and that the configure script is
up-to-date (e.g. using ./ before generating the archives!
II. How to prepare a new ngIRCd release?
a) Make sure the source tree is in a releasable state ;-)
- is the AUTHORS file up to date?
b) Make sure you have working versions of GNU autoconf and GNU automake
installed on the system you use for generating the release:
as of October 2010 we are using GNU autoconf 2.67 and GNU automake 1.11.1
which seem to work just fine.
c) Update the files describing the new release:
- ChangeLog
d) Update the version numbers in the following files:
- contrib/ngircd.spec
e) Generate a new Debian change log entry in the following file, e.g. using
the Debian "dch" tool of the "devscripts" package:
- contrib/Debian/changelog
f) Commit the above changes to GIT: "git add", "git commit"
g) Create a new signed GIT tag for the new release: "git tag -s".
Please note that we don't use the tilde ("~") here, instead use a simple
hyphen ("-") as delimiter: e.g. "rel-16" "rel-17-rc1", "rel-18-pre2", ...
h) Run "./" to update the ./configure script with the correct
release number (autogenerated using "git describe", see above).
i) Run "./configure" to rebuild all generated Makefiles.
j) Run "make distcheck" to generate the distribution archives.
k) Sign the distribution archive(s) using GnuPG: "gpg -b <archivefile>"
l) Upload and distribute the newly generated ngIRCd release archive(s)
and GnuPG signatures.
m) Write an announcement to the mailing list, Twitter, ...
n) Relax :-)