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This blocklist is based on surveys of most used advertising and tracking technology (e.g. surveys of W3C, W3Tech and the on-line marketing community itself). The online advertising industry likes to keep lists of top performing companies in the ad supply chain (including advertising exchange platforms). The list and surveys monitored are oriented on Europe and North America, this is the reason this blocklist contains mostly EU and US based advertising and tracking networks.


In advertising the number one (Google) has a marketshare of around 40 percent, Facebook the number two hits the 20 percent mark while the number three Comscore just has a little over 2.5% marketshare. For comparison Amazon with its huge webstore generates about the same advertising traffic on its own website. Number 100 on this list is probably used at 5000 websites of the Alexa Top 300.000 websites, while number 250 may only track you on 500 websites of the Alexa Top 300.000.

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Because this list focusses on the advertising and tracking networks which place the adds on the websites you visit, this list is not subjective to a lot of changes. Simply because it takes a lot of time and money to build such a backbone (ad serving) network. Also the digital marketeers using these networks are a constraining factor, because most don't like to learn how to use new software which makes them reluctant to change to a different advertising platform when the business advantage is marginal.

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Add Adguard's excellent URL Tracking filter to remove tracking prarameters from links https://raw.githubusercontent.com/AdguardTeam/FiltersRegistry/master/filters/filter_17_TrackParam/filter.txt

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