Rocksolid Light (rslight). A web based Usenet client.
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Rocksolid Light (rslight) - a web based Usenet news client

Visit to try Rocksolid Light


Rocksolid Light is based on NewsPortal, which discontinued development in 2008, and was developed by Florian Amrhein

rslight contains some major code and feature changes, but would not exist without NewsPortal as a basis for development.

Rocksolid Light is a php web forum interface that basically uses nntp as a backend. Forums can be Usenet newsgroups, or any groups you wish to create. Forums can be synchronized with other rslight installs, or other nntp servers.

  • Uses sqlite3 database. No configuration required

  • Does not require Javascript

  • Built in nntp server

  • Synchronize with inn or another rslight site, or run standalone

  • Read and post using a news client

  • SSL encryption

  • Tested with Claws Mail, Thunderbird, Knews, tin, Pan and some others

  • NoCeM and Spamassassin support

  • Message expiration by site or by group

  • Send/Receive mail to/from users at other Rocksolid Light sites

  • Search article bodies

  • Display body snippet in overboard and search results

  • Email authentication if enabled

  • Protect poster email addresses if enabled

  • Interface works reasonably well on small devices

  • Colors in CSS are in a separate file for easy testing and modification

  • Groups can be renamed for cleaner display

  • Configuration options may be set for each individual 'section'

See for installation instructions.

If you have trouble, post to ( and we'll try to help.

Retro Guy