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Rocksolid Light (rslight) - a web based Usenet news client

Visit to try Rocksolid Light


Rocksolid Light is based on NewsPortal, which discontinued development in 2008, and was developed by Florian Amrhein

rslight contains some major code and feature changes, but would not exist without NewsPortal as a basis for development.

Rocksolid Light is a php web forum interface that basically uses nntp as a backend. Forums can be Usenet newsgroups, or any groups you wish to create. Forums can be synchronized with other rslight installs, or other nntp servers.

  • Does not require Javascript

  • Built in nntp server

    • Synchronize with inn or another rslight site
    • Read and post using a news client
    • Tested with Claws Mail, Thunderbird, Knews, tin and some others
  • Interface works reasonably well on small devices

  • Colors in CSS are in a separate file for easy testing and modification

  • Groups can be renamed for cleaner display

  • Configuration options may be set for each individual 'section'

See for installation instructions.

If you have trouble, post to ( and we'll try to help.

Features added in 0.6.5

  • NoCeM support
  • Spamassassin support
  • Message expiration
  • Ability to ban incoming messages by user
  • Display first image attachment inline

Features added in 0.6.6

  • SSL encryption as a client and as a server
  • New account created may be authenticated by email if configured to do so
  • Display last poster per thread
  • Link to display full headers of any message
  • More commands supported in nntp server
  • Config option to enable/disable displaying only partial poster email address
  • Log rotation
  • Main config file can now be modified using a browser
  • Header links configured through a config file, not hard coded
  • Added motd (message of the day) feature that can also display Unix fortunes
  • Config option to limit a user to 'X' posts/hour. May also be different for individual users

Features added in 0.6.7

  • Handle main article overview in sqlite db for easier management and speed
  • Allow configuration of expire per group
  • Search now searches across all sections
  • Moving a group from one section to another doesn't break overview

Features added in 0.6.8

  • Store articles in sqlite .db3 instead of tradspool
  • Simple config option to choose database or tradspool
  • Faster search and overboard

Featurs added in 0.6.9

  • Search body of articles
  • import script to import, restore or repair group databases and/or rebuild overview
  • Add body snippet to any search results
  • Search link in thread page searches only group
  • Search link in section searches section

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