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  • Do not edit the CSS files directly, edit the source SCSS files and process them with SASS (run sass --update --sourcemap=none . in this directory when you have the required software installed)
  • Do not edit the PNG or SVG assets directly, edit and render the sources in the src folder in the source root and render those.

SASS Assets (SASSets)

Paper is a large and complex theme, to keep it maintainable and easily editable it's written and processed in SASS and organized in a modular fashion.


  • global color definitions. We keep the number of defined colors to a necessary minimum, most colors are derived form a handful of basics. It covers both the light variant and the dark variant.


  • SCSS colors exported through gtk to allow for 3rd party apps color mixing.


  • drawing helper mixings/functions to allow easier definition of widget drawing under specific context.


  • shared definitions for the theme


  • styles for widgets are on individual sheets to make the theme more modular and easier to batch edit

_apps.scss & apps/_*.scss

  • style definitions for specific apps and environments. This is where colored headerbars are made