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Les De Ridder affd263f27
Add custom packages 2016-12-21 04:05:27 +01:00
Gabriele M 6f131defc7 peregrine: Add audio_platform_info.xml file
This was in msm8226-common, but it was removed to allow each variant
to use its own configuration.

Change-Id: I44fa3a2cfd287b9e419c2b5c25e207783316d19a
2016-05-10 12:39:57 -07:00
fonz93 f04ac78c4c peregrine: build CMActions
Change-Id: I3864d0494beb121f4c8fbdb8fc888d20e7ee8e51
2016-03-25 19:38:10 +01:00
Gabriele M c00b7bf30d peregrine: Decommonize WCNSS NV binary
This partially reverts f7d832b9a4.

Change-Id: Ifea98f61a85821c5e252dc29d948388335c8a099
2016-02-15 12:18:15 +01:00
Luca Stefani f7d832b9a4 peregrine: move WCNSS bin to msm8226-common
Change-Id: I1e0c20bcc4ed6b927b746b12fcb386d7385132f7
2016-02-12 14:25:26 -08:00
Gabriele M 459b3cd19a Revert "peregrine: Add button jack keylayout"
The values reported by the kernel are not correct, so ignore them.

This reverts commit 019e9814b3.

Change-Id: I101fd1087a38f14b667a2e35a90a8562d45fd976
2016-02-12 03:11:01 -08:00
Gabriele M 019e9814b3 peregrine: Add button jack keylayout
Change-Id: I766fc6ccf6763285a11704661436b52fa82336e2
2015-12-30 14:07:06 +01:00
LuK1337 3d16bd85c9 peregrine: Commonize fstab
* It makes no sense to have it device common in M

Change-Id: I9ca95a0495fb12f9e454712655fda29bad1b7725
2015-11-24 14:36:59 -05:00
Brandon McAnsh 5c163d7e9f peregrine: Add device specific hooks to ramdisk
* peregrine has an external storage, while falcon who also shares the common ramdisk in msm8226-common, does not

Change-Id: I9c962445821f6d22bdfbf93f5a8e9142e649d5ce
Signed-off-by: Brandon McAnsh <>
2015-07-25 01:07:11 +02:00
Alberto97 5b41b634b4 Revert "peregrine: Build charge_only_mode"
This reverts commit 4984ef87cc.

Change-Id: I53fb82e7c34562fd38612ab0212689e9a3bc9506
2015-05-19 12:45:19 +02:00
LuK1337 4984ef87cc peregrine: Build charge_only_mode
* It got disabled in msm8226-common due to problems on titan & thea

Change-Id: I320ab3ce4daea1b5265316505f9c36b95a936916
2015-05-03 23:27:23 +02:00
LuK1337 8301e44e73 Revert "Peregrine: Move kernel config to device"
This reverts commit 693472a85f.

Change-Id: Ief74fcdfa691e7cc4825caf9bc3d424b4441bfb0
2015-03-14 22:01:11 +01:00
LuK1337 693472a85f Peregrine: Move kernel config to device
Titan doesn't use msm8226 common kernel so move config here.

Change-Id: Ib690c876715b40193034b209c6d495eb7c623088
2015-02-18 22:47:27 +01:00
LuK1337 e7ea7ce93e peregrine: Move mixer_paths.xml to device
Titan has to use own mixer_paths.xml (stereo speakers), so move mixer_paths.xml here.

Change-Id: I1622c3db4b76371675ce4ebdcba81e93af420f96
2015-01-23 16:08:52 -08:00
Ethan Chen 6fab759582 peregrine: Use msm8226-common repo
* Remove extra init scripts
* Use nested cm.dependencies
* Remove extra makefiles
* Add device specific WCNSS NV
* Add,
2014-08-13 16:36:08 -07:00