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Les De Ridder affd263f27
Add custom packages 2016-12-21 04:05:27 +01:00
Les De Ridder 07ff777cfe
Disable multi user support 2016-12-20 21:44:39 +01:00
Luca Stefani 97bc7bf3c4 peregrine: Specify we have a cache partition
* In android 7.1 /cache is symlinked to /data/cache
  -> set BOARD_CACHEIMAGE_FILE_SYSTEM_TYPE to switch to the old "mkdir"

Change-Id: I0c6d410063231a4f2de964b297561d5d2f10fd57
2016-11-06 06:41:42 -08:00
Gabriele M 72f90304ca peregrine: Use L-compatible camera feature enums
Needed after commit c8c05b12e8
("peregrine: Partially switch to L camera blobs")

Change-Id: I12a0f2bc00e6a4f048812f68ad5d3366c2149cfa
2016-10-31 14:12:40 -07:00
LuK1337 ccffb16100 peregrine: Add sha1sums for pinned blobs
* Camera HAL is edited with sed so it saves proper exif.
  command used: sed -i 's/release-keys/test-keys\x00\x00\x00/g'

Change-Id: I4d93cc3331a7fd36786b8367073e1e14fbdc752e
2016-10-31 19:41:16 +01:00
Luca Stefani b300fb8292 peregrine: init: Kill ISMATCH
* Let's use c++ std::string

Change-Id: I09d4bf24db7d8ad243bf6ab50a15a677c54858af
2016-09-09 12:06:35 +02:00
Luca Stefani f82182c34b peregrine: init: Switch to cpp property_get
Change-Id: If24f5509e38821c97c34f249550442db9d4109e1
2016-09-09 12:04:47 +02:00
Gabriele M e6680f07a9 peregrine: Rename hac-handset to voice-hac-handset
The HAL expects voice-hac-handset.

Change-Id: I5926071d6074e829fa33f551b1a6ba44d0bf888b
2016-08-23 09:24:28 -07:00
Matthias Yzusqui cde5c7c55f peregrine: Update extraction scripts
Change-Id: I64b5c1f118174099ee95c79a8417e75e3035b6ed
2016-08-06 11:25:51 +02:00
Matthias Yzusqui 15d07c48f4 peregrine: mixer_paths: fix compress-voip derp
It should be SLIM_0* everywhere.

Change-Id: I3aa083b9bd157d46e5c4fd35238f53bc68686fc9
2016-07-23 12:55:51 +02:00
fonz93 99b7b76d37 Revert "peregrine: Enable proximity check on wake"
This reverts commit 9faeee6b13.

 * They're removing the support for power key, so this has no use

Change-Id: I7c513cf60e2a30a9c19f2dbf657ef37117c46864
2016-06-28 14:12:09 -07:00
Michael Bestas d3f1fbfb3c peregrine: Switch to standalone libinit
* No need to build the msm one

Change-Id: Ifdc43788714fea27a25004ef63497a35d4f6f49c
2016-05-21 05:32:43 -07:00
Gabriele M 6f131defc7 peregrine: Add audio_platform_info.xml file
This was in msm8226-common, but it was removed to allow each variant
to use its own configuration.

Change-Id: I44fa3a2cfd287b9e419c2b5c25e207783316d19a
2016-05-10 12:39:57 -07:00
fonz93 f04ac78c4c peregrine: build CMActions
Change-Id: I3864d0494beb121f4c8fbdb8fc888d20e7ee8e51
2016-03-25 19:38:10 +01:00
Gabriele M 9faeee6b13 peregrine: Enable proximity check on wake
Change-Id: Iaa5550d659d6c5450e101e691184d6769589de97
2016-03-22 21:37:50 +01:00
Gabriele M 20666e7f86 peregrine: Increase headphone output gain
Set the headphone output gain to the maximum value. This minimizes
the gain loss caused by
without bringing back the static noise.

Change-Id: I4e250244e260c0d42d91504bf5f37f3d5d2f4d5e
2016-02-25 20:40:36 +01:00
Gabriele M c00b7bf30d peregrine: Decommonize WCNSS NV binary
This partially reverts f7d832b9a4.

Change-Id: Ifea98f61a85821c5e252dc29d948388335c8a099
2016-02-15 12:18:15 +01:00
Luca Stefani f7d832b9a4 peregrine: move WCNSS bin to msm8226-common
Change-Id: I1e0c20bcc4ed6b927b746b12fcb386d7385132f7
2016-02-12 14:25:26 -08:00
Matthias Yzusqui cf98fd43bf peregrine: configs: Add initial incall recording values
Change-Id: I5608eb7bc6d53f6c08c9a164f93b0acc944ffa2f
2016-02-12 03:33:05 -08:00
Gabriele M 459b3cd19a Revert "peregrine: Add button jack keylayout"
The values reported by the kernel are not correct, so ignore them.

This reverts commit 019e9814b3.

Change-Id: I101fd1087a38f14b667a2e35a90a8562d45fd976
2016-02-12 03:11:01 -08:00
Gabriele M 7fc0ec50f5 peregrine: Snap: Disable ZSL
If ZSL is enabled, the HAL might automatically force a lower fps
(depending on the current resolution). This causes problems if the
normal fps range is not restored before changing configuration
(e.g. changing resolution, enabling HDR, switching to video mode).
When this happens, the sensor gets stuck at low fps, the preview
becomes dark and an invalid fps preview range might get selected,
leading to a crash. Disable ZSL to prevent all these issues.

Change-Id: I0b00dd65a1ff88547d39874ec1c60fb9263335f7
2016-01-20 15:30:42 -08:00
LuK1337 bde67e31fb peregrine: Exclude unsupported HFR modes
Change-Id: I998d63fe26c5e64f80ce6ee4c2de4662389d4b6f
2016-01-15 00:41:38 +01:00
LuK1337 b3fad2f8ad peregrine: Rename camera HAL to be wrappable
Change-Id: Ia4ea0448a21fe1f0a3223e437e4f594c24d3d634
2016-01-10 14:48:01 -05:00
Gabriele M 019e9814b3 peregrine: Add button jack keylayout
Change-Id: I766fc6ccf6763285a11704661436b52fa82336e2
2015-12-30 14:07:06 +01:00
Gabriele M c8c05b12e8 peregrine: Partially switch to L camera blobs
Using titan blobs didn't work well, so partially switch to L blobs.
This fixes the issues with the camera such as poor performance in
low light conditions and broken exposure settings.

Change-Id: Ic04d2c8db52fcf391a4cd677ea8a827488e6d790
2015-12-27 02:14:43 +01:00
Gabriele M 57f681c249 peregrine: Switch to open source sensors HAL
Change-Id: Ibf3660cff2e5396030396a141519853a21bcf02d
2015-12-24 09:43:00 -08:00
Gabriele M d54f4b68ec Revert "peregrine: Add radio assert"
CDMA works just fine.

This reverts commit d6efd1070c.

Change-Id: I47688f470e6ad4e68bdcafedf8439f5695300c4d
2015-12-22 20:57:59 +01:00
Luca Stefani d6efd1070c peregrine: Add radio assert
* Don't allow installation on CDMA variants

Change-Id: I44bf51509ae4d6e407d4507789df577a82904f14
2015-11-29 13:19:42 -08:00
LuK1337 3d16bd85c9 peregrine: Commonize fstab
* It makes no sense to have it device common in M

Change-Id: I9ca95a0495fb12f9e454712655fda29bad1b7725
2015-11-24 14:36:59 -05:00
Luca Stefani 92ea255af8 peregrine: configs: Update mixer_paths.xml
Change-Id: I3a4d1910e81da02f62162f12ff7ebe3b406bf2d3
2015-11-23 15:57:23 -08:00
luca020400 83b95a9a4d peregrine: Commonize camera blobs
Change-Id: I02760c25ee0520219674a7d272142f1f06622149
2015-11-23 15:42:30 -08:00
JP Abgrall 9228f31890 peregrine: fstab: zram0 does not need trimming
Bug: 19624276
Change-Id: I768d91860a7a17d651258bcdb05b154adb68293c
2015-11-20 19:22:08 +01:00
LuK1337 d737396c1b peregrine: Specify supported radio capacities
Our radio don't support RIL_REQUEST_GET_RADIO_CAPABILITY thus
we can't select non "GSM only" mode on msim variants.

Change-Id: I9622cc78b53876d6e8d29f6809fffc81c9a1a6ec
2015-11-06 16:23:39 +01:00
LuK1337 bb540bd080 peregrine: init: Don't set property
We can't override this prop.
[   10.203433,3] init: property_set("", "thea_retgb") failed

Change-Id: I46928ecbd799a8a17e011ae77364254cfb14b1b4
2015-11-03 22:58:54 +01:00
myzb 46977b1077 peregrine: correct initial mixer path for compress-voip-call
Swapping out PRI_MI2S_TX_Voip for SLIM_0_TX_Voip was forgotten in
commit: 519a08ad3d14b0add5b6baf2e74cf9f630642b48.

Change-Id: I4df2b215042abb8f20bb6ab1836c8990cca7e6ee
(cherry picked from commit affd6bbb1a59b070c46586a55a29c9c4aae430b0)
2015-11-03 13:05:23 -08:00
Luca Stefani 0bade9c37e peregrine: remove custom mkbootimg
Change-Id: If558923c528eff6fd51a9f9f11cdacb7a8e946e3
2015-11-02 12:38:08 -08:00
Jeff Sharkey 0691554ef0 peregrine: Updated external storage configuration.
vold now manages external storage in a much more dynamic fashion,
so we no longer need to define FUSE daemons or mount points.

Bug: 19993667
Change-Id: If1ff24c62ee394afb02e223508aa5d768a3d041e
2015-10-29 13:35:07 -07:00
Luca Stefani 4eee70b6c2 peregrine: add recovery image size assert
Change-Id: I1db20d02989ded8d1051ba2d1c2c6b1a173a1030
2015-10-25 04:46:55 -07:00
Luca Stefani c16c8ea144 peregrine: fix recovery build
* After 8e0ac24 android_build

Change-Id: Ie467dd2937843dfc5d787b153b1d6dcf9b1f7027
2015-10-21 12:25:24 -07:00
LuK1337 0249dd823e peregrine: Build init as C++
Change-Id: I310a0a079caa49be56b7090f75db4a9129d49a80
2015-10-18 23:37:20 +02:00
Alberto97 2303cc2ba3 peregrine: Move props to the common device tree
 * Use $(DEVICE_PATH) instead of hardcoded path

Change-Id: I7d04b4c8dbd3fdd4e95f6a12586e62f09c4976fa
2015-09-09 23:09:44 +02:00
Dan Pasanen 0352921916 peregrine: Specify GMS client id
Change-Id: I1ddc93474789971d9f20c883ae5921f53451cdc8
2015-08-25 19:40:45 +02:00
Rabih Salamey 2e2e3cc68c peregrine: update wlan firmware
* package version : peregrine_retus-user 5.1 LPB23.13-37 37
   * fixes
   * reprimands issues with regulatory domains

Change-Id: I21fae7241c77c514c7f92b2b22a4722d8eb82a6a
2015-08-15 18:31:38 -07:00
Rabih Salamey aec37db1f2 peregrine: update fingerprint per 5.1 ota
Change-Id: I4d9ee92a73cc7169cdeaced835c4137654651e0e
2015-07-27 03:04:03 -04:00
Brandon McAnsh 5c163d7e9f peregrine: Add device specific hooks to ramdisk
* peregrine has an external storage, while falcon who also shares the common ramdisk in msm8226-common, does not

Change-Id: I9c962445821f6d22bdfbf93f5a8e9142e649d5ce
Signed-off-by: Brandon McAnsh <>
2015-07-25 01:07:11 +02:00
Rabih Salamey 50bd8f55e8 peregrine: correct incorrect bootloader version
Change-Id: Ib8a09da4a3018c222d333264122a542e78c1b93c
2015-07-21 12:49:09 -04:00
LuK1337 3a83fed13e peregrine: Add Bootloader Assert
With the new version, there was a modification to the modem layout.
Users on the older bootloader would have non-functioning radio in this case. Another issue would be the display flickering.

Add assert to alert user to update his bootloader (motoboot.img)

Change-Id: I73588865646da3a962fd98309ff5710cbdee085c
2015-07-21 08:15:43 -07:00
Chris Fries a9bf421a9f peregrine: fstab: Mark cache and userdata as "formattable"
Mark cache and userdata as formattable partitions, so that init/fs_mgr
format them during powerup if they are blank.

Change-Id: I6368a667d6535cf4258f616848a19ddc34a4fba6
2015-07-18 01:06:49 +02:00
Michael Stucki e8955fe189 peregrine: Remove non-existing mount option for F2FS
Change-Id: I9ed95b9371ab323f89ff6e75f0d68006c0fa37de
2015-07-05 00:15:29 +02:00
Ethan Chen bfb89c3f01 peregrine: Use correct frontend for compress-voip-call
Change-Id: Ida45e15e498daf1d71968873eb240baff0949678
2015-07-03 16:38:55 -07:00