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Build Status

A simple service for looking up your IP address. This is the code that powers


Just the business, please:

$ curl

$ http

$ wget -qO-

$ fetch -qo-

$ bat -print=b

Country and city lookup:

$ curl

$ curl

$ curl

$ curl


$ curl -H 'Accept: application/json'  # or curl
  "city": "Bornyasherk",
  "country": "Elbonia",
  "country_iso": "EB",
  "ip": "",
  "ip_decimal": 2130706433,
  "asn": "AS59795",
  "asn_org": "Hosting4Real"

Port testing:

$ curl
  "ip": "",
  "port": 80,
  "reachable": false

Pass the appropriate flag (usually -4 and -6) to your client to switch between IPv4 and IPv6 lookup.


  • Easy to remember domain name
  • Fast
  • Supports IPv6
  • Supports HTTPS
  • Supports common command-line clients (e.g. curl, httpie, ht, wget and fetch)
  • JSON output
  • ASN, country and city lookup using the MaxMind GeoIP database
  • Port testing
  • All endpoints (except /port) can return information about a custom IP address specified via ?ip= query parameter
  • Open source under the BSD 3-Clause license


  • To scratch an itch
  • An excuse to use Go for something
  • Faster than and has IPv6 support


Compiling requires the Golang compiler to be installed. This package can be installed with go get:

go get

For more information on building a Go project, see the official Go documentation.

Docker image

A Docker image is available on Docker Hub, which can be downloaded with:

docker pull mpolden/echoip


$ echoip -h
Usage of echoip:
  -C int
    	Size of response cache. Set to 0 to disable
  -H value
    	Header to trust for remote IP, if present (e.g. X-Real-IP)
  -a string
    	Path to GeoIP ASN database
  -c string
    	Path to GeoIP city database
  -f string
    	Path to GeoIP country database
  -l string
    	Listening address (default ":8080")
  -p	Enable port lookup
  -r	Perform reverse hostname lookups
  -t string
    	Path to template (default "index.html")