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Methodology to Save Configuration and STLs from websites using the THREE.JS framework for academic and educational purposes.

Please Always think about the developers of such websites and try to support them whenever possible, as without them, there would be no such tools.


Browser Console

  1. Go to the intended website
  2. Open the Javascript Console [F12], then click on Console
  3. Paste the following
var xhr=new XMLHttpRequest;xhr.open("get","https://raw.githubusercontent.com/lkspencer/Herosaver/master/dist/saver.min.8169087c-e61e-44d9-a802-fd396bd71391.js",true);xhr.onreadystatechange=function(){if(xhr.readyState==4){var script=document.createElement("script");script.type="text/javascript";script.text=xhr.responseText;document.body.appendChild(script)}};xhr.send(null);

Loading via Greecemonkey or other script loader

This method should automatically load the script on page load.

  1. Install Greasemonkey Browser Addon (or alternative)
  2. Click here to install, Link to repository: herosaver-autoloader.user.js
  3. The install window should pop up, check "Open editor after install completes" if you want to add domains, then click install.
  4. If it doesn't pop up an install window, either Greasemonkey isn't installed or another problem has occured, you can try adding the script manually.

User Guide


  • STL - Exports the current model and downloads a STL of it.
  • OBJ - Exports the current model and downloads a OBJ of it.


  • Quality - Number of loop subdivision passes for the model.

Dropdown Menu Items

  • Save - Exports the current model settings in a JSON format.
  • Load - Imports a previously exported JSON file with model settings.


  • This is a collaborative effort by people of the community, so the output is not perfect.
  • If you want higher quality exports, consider purchasing the stl files or help work on the code :)
  • The outputted file is not a solid object, but a set of objects which is fine for some uses, but can be problimatic if you want to print the 3D object. You will probabily need to combine these into a solid ojbect, Consider using Meshmixer (or equvilient) to produce a printable output, some guides below.

3D Printing Guides

For some guides look at:


Installing minifyer

  1. Install NPM
  2. Clone the repository
  3. Navigate to the repository in your console
  4. Install rollup using:
npm install rollup


  1. Navigate to the repository in your console
  2. Build the minified version using:
npm run build


Current bugs, open to solutions/suggestions

  • Shaders are not included, causing a more 'blocky' output, work on the THREE.js section is needed for this.

Future work

Current things to work on, open to solutions/suggestions

  • Empty?


Finished work

  • Rotation is off by 90 degrees, simple fix
  • The buttons for enlarge and reset scale are a quick and ugly method, needs reworking to not affect the scale in brower if possible, if not, automatically change scale when downloading and resetting scale when downloaded. My lack of THREE.js experience means I am unsure how to do the latter.

Fixed bugs

  • Reset Scale Button doesnt work first press, need a second refresh to work.
  • Autoloader.js doesnt work when page is reloaded, only on first page load.
  • Some Geometry like facial experessions are not implemented, need to work on the THREE.js section.