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Image downsampling converter

Inspired by 2bit

Usage: python3 2bit.py infile.png [outfile.png] [bits] [--per-color] [--dither dither_value] [--non-random-dither num_pixels]

You can change the number of bits for different results. 1 would be just black and white, while 8 would be the original image in greyscale.

dither_value can be like 50%, 50, .5 or auto

Note that using --non-random-dither without a dither argument will attempt to guess what dither percentage you want based on the number of bits

The best number for num_pixels varies with the image. In general, the height of the image modulo num_pixels + 1 should not equal zero. Experiment with it. Using auto will try to guess a good value such that you don't get horizontal bars, but it's not very good at it.

Warning: Will probably turn transparency black