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Discord JS TS HitCount


A simple - customizable - Discord Client

What’s this ?

Lightcord is a simple and customizable client for Discord. It includes BandagedBD, Glasstron and a discord.js-like api.


Lightcord doesn’t patch Discord with it’s content. If it was, Discord could update itself and break the patch. That’s why Lightcord is a standalone Discord client. Just grab the latest release version you need, and launch it !


You can download a release from the releases tab.

Running from source

Prequeresites: Node.js, NPM To run from source, follow these instructions:

git clone
cd Lightcord
npm run devInstall
npm test

You will have to do that everytime you pull/clone
Lightcord will launch next. You can see you have done it right by looking at the icon. icon
Then everytime you want to launch it just type in

npm run run

You can install on GNU/Linux with our install script or the AUR

AUR (unofficial)

You need to install the base-devel and git packages first

For compilation

git clone && cd lightcord-git && makepkg -si

For precomiled binaries

git clone && cd lightcord-bin && makepkg -si

For AppImage

git clone && cd lightcord-appimage && makepkg -si

An AUR helped such as yay can also be used

Other linux distribution

You can also install it via this install script. It will automatically :

  • Download the latest Lightcord stable release from the official dev server.
  • Extract its file, and rename it to a more conventional ¨Lightcord¨ folder.
  • Install the Lightcord files in /opt/.
  • Add execution rights to the Lightcord executable to be able to launch it.
  • Download an apropriate .desktop file and install it in /usr/share/applications.
  • Add executions rights to the .desktop file to be able to launch Lightcord from it.
  • Download the Lightcord icon in an .svg format, and will install it in /usr/share/pixmaps.

One-liner install script

For normal install Please install the “unzip” package before executing this script as this script depends on it.

  • Run wget -N && sudo bash

For AppImage install

  • Run wget -N && bash


  • BetterDiscord Themes/Plugins
  • Native Custom RPC (No ban chance)
  • Blocking Discord’s trackers
  • Free emotes (normal emotes) to use everywhere for Lightcord users
  • Login with token (user/bot) [Make server calls with bots]
  • DM Adverts blocker (AdBlock) [Even in embeds]
  • File certification/approval (tells you if a file is safe or not)
  • Prevent malicious plugins [File scanner]
  • Always-On-Top feature (great to chat while coding)
  • Hide sensitive informations (blurry e-mail)
  • Great scripting API
  • Account information section
  • Developer mode / experiments (get discord features before anyone else without updating)
  • Experimental tabs
  • Select your HypeSquad (manually/without doing the quizz)
  • Badges (Lightcord owners have badges so you know who to trust)


  • Username history
  • Custom BetterDiscord location (custom themes/plugins location) [more portability]


BetterDiscord (BandagedBD) is already installed (modified version). You can go into your settings to manage plugins.

Because it’s more painful than anything else, global emotes are not supported on Lightcord. They have been removed. The freeze caused by the emotes downloading at startup was annoying. So we removed them.

Plugins & Themes

Plugins and themes are not in the standard BetterDiscord folder. They have been moved because betterdiscord supports only stable, ptb and canary release. Using the same directory could cause problems with settings.

They are located in %AppData%/Lightcord_BD. This is the main folder for BetterDiscord.