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This repo has been archived and is no longer active. If you are looking to install BetterDiscord. Please use the new installers found here:

BandagedBD Installer

This is the source for the Windows installer of BandagedBD, a mod for Discord. I decided to put this in a separate repo mainly because it didn't feel quite right to have it in with the actual application itself as the application is JavaScript injection onto an Electron.js platform, and this is an actual executable that only sets ups files for it.



System Structure

The system starts through the FormMain object which then adds the necessary control to the form. The controls to be added implement the interface IPanel and are represented in the accomanying enumeration PanelTypes. These two in tandem determine how the navigation through the installer occurs.


An enumeration representing all the available panels to have in the installer.


The interface IPanel requires the following functions:

  1. void OnShow - Called when the control is added to the form
  2. void SetWindow(FormMain) - Called when the main form prepares the panels, allows panels to keep a reference to the window/form

The interface also requires the following gettable properties:

  1. string Title - The title of the panel to be shown in the form
  2. UserControl Control - Returns an implied cast of self (useful for passing to other function in the main form)
  3. PanelTypes PreviousPanel - Representation of the panel to go to when going "back"
  4. PanelTypes NextPanel - Representation of the panel to go to when going "forward"


Creates and keeps a reference to all the IPanels and even handles the navigation through the application. Also holds the enumeration of PanelTypes. Includes a function to return a reference to a specific panel so panels may reference each other (mainly used for panels to refer to the configuration panel).


An enumeration representing the 3 release channels of Discord: Stable, Canary and PTB.


Utilities contains several functions used multple times throughout the application including things like killing and launching processes as well as searching for and resolving paths. Contains the Discord enumeration.

Custom Components

The installer makes use of a few custom components either for modularity as in the DiscordLocator control or for the custom "flat" design as in WinForms not all controls have a decent flat style.


This is a custom group of controls consisting of: 3 checkboxes that represent location enable, 3 textboxes showing the currently entered/found path, and 3 buttons that allow the user to browse for the path.


This is a simple wrap around the normal Button object to add some helpful functions.


The native checkbox leaves a lot to be desired in terms of extensibility and customization. To create custom styling this component paints it's own checkbox using the current graphics and imposing the string "✔" overtop.


Similar to the checkbox the native progressbar has little to no customization options. This paints a flat checkbox using the an offscreen image as adapted from this StackOverflow answer.