WIP: Arch Linux Image for Scaleway (x86-64)
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Arch Linux image on Scaleway

Build Status

Scripts to build an Arch Linux (x86_64) image on Scaleway

This image is built using Image Tools and is based on the official Ubuntu image.

This image is meant to be used on a VC1 server.

We use the Docker's building system and convert it at the end to a disk image that will boot on real servers without Docker. Note that the image is still runnable as a Docker container for debug or for inheritance.

More info


Build and add the image to your account:

$ make image_on_local

Full list of commands available at: scaleway/image-tools


To test your image, run:

$ scw run --tmp-ssh-key --name="archlinux" <IMAGE_ID>

A project by Scaleway and lesderid