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# dtagfs
dtagfs is a FUSE file system that mounts a directory with tagged files as a file tree.
This allows for easy filtering of tagged files (e.g. '/mountpoint/tag1/tag2/' contains all files with tags 'tag1' and 'tag2').
## Example
See [example.md](example.md).
## Usage
usage: dtagfs <source> <mount point> [-f] [-o option[,options...]]`
-f: foreground (don't fork to background)
-o nocomm: don't show tags that all files in a directory have in common
## Supported tag sources
* Dublin Core (XMP), via [exempi-d](https://github.com/lesderid/exempi-d)
## License
dtagfs is released under the [University of Illinois/NCSA license](LICENSE).