CyanogenMod device tree for Moto 4G (first gen)
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Gabriele M 7fc0ec50f5 peregrine: Snap: Disable ZSL
If ZSL is enabled, the HAL might automatically force a lower fps
(depending on the current resolution). This causes problems if the
normal fps range is not restored before changing configuration
(e.g. changing resolution, enabling HDR, switching to video mode).
When this happens, the sensor gets stuck at low fps, the preview
becomes dark and an invalid fps preview range might get selected,
leading to a crash. Disable ZSL to prevent all these issues.

Change-Id: I0b00dd65a1ff88547d39874ec1c60fb9263335f7
2016-01-20 15:30:42 -08:00
configs peregrine: configs: Update mixer_paths.xml 2015-11-23 15:57:23 -08:00
init peregrine: init: Don't set property 2015-11-03 22:58:54 +01:00
keylayout peregrine: Add button jack keylayout 2015-12-30 14:07:06 +01:00
overlay peregrine: Snap: Disable ZSL 2016-01-20 15:30:42 -08:00
rootdir peregrine: Commonize fstab 2015-11-24 14:36:59 -05:00
wifi peregrine: update wlan firmware 2015-08-15 18:31:38 -07:00 peregrine: Use msm8226-common repo 2014-08-13 16:36:08 -07:00 peregrine: Use msm8226-common repo 2014-08-13 16:36:08 -07:00 peregrine: Commonize fstab 2015-11-24 14:36:59 -05:00
README.mkdn Update README.mkdn 2014-08-04 00:01:36 -04:00
board-info.txt Revert "peregrine: Add radio assert" 2015-12-22 20:57:59 +01:00
cm.dependencies Revert "Peregrine: Move kernel config to device" 2015-03-14 22:01:11 +01:00 peregrine: Specify GMS client id 2015-08-25 19:40:45 +02:00 peregrine: Add button jack keylayout 2015-12-30 14:07:06 +01:00 peregrine: Use msm8226-common repo 2014-08-13 16:36:08 -07:00 peregrine: Use msm8226-common repo 2014-08-13 16:36:08 -07:00
proprietary-files.txt peregrine: Rename camera HAL to be wrappable 2016-01-10 14:48:01 -05:00 peregrine: Use msm8226-common repo 2014-08-13 16:36:08 -07:00
system.prop peregrine: Move props to the common device tree 2015-09-09 23:09:44 +02:00


HOW-TO for building CyanogenMod

- First, follow to figure out how to get your build environment running, etc
- Make a directory for your build source, then sync CyanogenMod: repo init -u git:// -b cm-11.0
- Then you need to add this to .repo/local_manifests/roomservice.xml (if you dont have it then create it and put this in):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
< manifest>
  <project name="OUDhs/proprietary_vendor_motorola" path="vendor/motorola" remote="github" />
  <project name="OUDhs/android_device_motorola_peregrine" path="device/motorola/peregrine" remote="github" />
  <project name="OUDhs/android_device_motorola_msm8226-common" path="device/motorola/msm8226-common" remote="github" />
  <project name="OUDhs/android_kernel_motorola_msm8226" path="kernel/motorola/msm8226" remote="github" />
  <project name="CyanogenMod/android_device_qcom_common" path="device/qcom/common" remote="github" />
  <project name="CyanogenMod/android_device_motorola_qcom-common" path="device/motorola/qcom-common" remote="github" />
  <project name="CyanogenMod/android_hardware_qcom_fm" path="hardware/qcom/fm" remote="github" />
  <project name="CyanogenMod/android_hardware_qcom_display-caf-new" path="hardware/qcom/display-caf-new" remote="github" />
  <project name="CyanogenMod/android_hardware_qcom_media-caf-new" path="hardware/qcom/media-caf-new" remote="github" />
< /manifest>

- Do a repo sync and it should grab everything you need
- Plug in your phone, and run the extract files script against a working cyanogenmod build
- Change directory to the top, and source the build environment setup: . build/
- Use the command brunch peregrine, and wait as your meal cooks. 
- It should output an in out/target/product/peregrine/... you've made CyanogenMod. Congratulations. 

List of Contributers to the device tree

- DHacker
- Shabbypenguin
- somcom3x

A full CHANGELOG for CyanogenMod can be found in its vendor: 

Keep in mind guys, CyanogenMod is open source, and a community project. Get involved, and help us code for a better future :D