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Gabriele M e6680f07a9 peregrine: Rename hac-handset to voice-hac-handset
The HAL expects voice-hac-handset.

Change-Id: I5926071d6074e829fa33f551b1a6ba44d0bf888b
2016-08-23 09:24:28 -07:00
Matthias Yzusqui 15d07c48f4 peregrine: mixer_paths: fix compress-voip derp
It should be SLIM_0* everywhere.

Change-Id: I3aa083b9bd157d46e5c4fd35238f53bc68686fc9
2016-07-23 12:55:51 +02:00
Gabriele M 6f131defc7 peregrine: Add audio_platform_info.xml file
This was in msm8226-common, but it was removed to allow each variant
to use its own configuration.

Change-Id: I44fa3a2cfd287b9e419c2b5c25e207783316d19a
2016-05-10 12:39:57 -07:00
Gabriele M 20666e7f86 peregrine: Increase headphone output gain
Set the headphone output gain to the maximum value. This minimizes
the gain loss caused by
without bringing back the static noise.

Change-Id: I4e250244e260c0d42d91504bf5f37f3d5d2f4d5e
2016-02-25 20:40:36 +01:00
Matthias Yzusqui cf98fd43bf peregrine: configs: Add initial incall recording values
Change-Id: I5608eb7bc6d53f6c08c9a164f93b0acc944ffa2f
2016-02-12 03:33:05 -08:00
Luca Stefani 92ea255af8 peregrine: configs: Update mixer_paths.xml
Change-Id: I3a4d1910e81da02f62162f12ff7ebe3b406bf2d3
2015-11-23 15:57:23 -08:00
myzb 46977b1077 peregrine: correct initial mixer path for compress-voip-call
Swapping out PRI_MI2S_TX_Voip for SLIM_0_TX_Voip was forgotten in
commit: 519a08ad3d14b0add5b6baf2e74cf9f630642b48.

Change-Id: I4df2b215042abb8f20bb6ab1836c8990cca7e6ee
(cherry picked from commit affd6bbb1a59b070c46586a55a29c9c4aae430b0)
2015-11-03 13:05:23 -08:00
Ethan Chen bfb89c3f01 peregrine: Use correct frontend for compress-voip-call
Change-Id: Ida45e15e498daf1d71968873eb240baff0949678
2015-07-03 16:38:55 -07:00
Konsta 68829bcdb2 peregrine: Fix FM recording
* Add capture-fm path
* Add second instance for recording during A2DP playback

Change-Id: I799abb23e0eaf70f1af41837031539438b2e8a52
2015-02-28 16:13:29 +01:00
KingKaminari 379e34d1b5 peregrine: Fix reverse stereo on speakers/earphones
Change-Id: I3d5eddd38297142ced8a7fbcbe278a76de416b55
2015-01-27 04:59:21 +00:00
Konsta 0440b34afc peregrine: Increase camcorder mic volume
Volume level is so low camcorder is currently pretty
much useless.

Change-Id: Idbdec98a0484085c3a46a8ca5934aca64dc69580
2015-01-25 20:48:48 -06:00
LuK1337 e7ea7ce93e peregrine: Move mixer_paths.xml to device
Titan has to use own mixer_paths.xml (stereo speakers), so move mixer_paths.xml here.

Change-Id: I1622c3db4b76371675ce4ebdcba81e93af420f96
2015-01-23 16:08:52 -08:00