1 And then they touch her skein.
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And theres something weird, just enough to put a frown between her eyes.She can taste blood in the air.Its a feeling like theres been a fight.Like theres always just been a fight.And blood and iron bloom at the back of her skull because someones hit her as hard as shes ever been hit and her last thought is A leopard, as a pet as she goes down into night.Shes strong, shes always been strong, shes always been a fighter and shes wrestling with the sleep like a heavy, sodden blanket.Something bad is happening to her.Something worse than she can imagine.Shes strapped down.She goes for it, and her accustomed tool is not in its place.A voice very far away says, Its working.But its not working, thats the whole point, it is definitely not working.She tries to send a little echo along her collarbone.Her powers there, its weak, struggling, but its there.Shes never felt so grateful to her own body.She recognizes it, but where, where, whose is that voice?Has she kept a leopard as a pet, what is going on?Shes trying to break through.Watch her, shes strong.Someone laughs.Shes stronger than any of the others youve ever taken it from.Mind out of the way.Someone comes near her again.Theyre going to hurt her and she cant let them do that.You and me, mate, were on the same side.You need to give me just a little bit more.The last little bit, I know youve got it.This is our life were talking about.A hand touches her right hand.She can feel it now, coursing more evenly through her, not like shed been drained, like thered been a block somewhere and now its clearing like debris in a stream.Oh she is going to make them pay for this.