Oppai ranking of anime girls from anime series.
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Oppai ranking of anime girls from anime series.

This project (repository) is a clone of 4chan's "The Bust Rankings Compendium of the Biggest Boobs from Each Series. Guide to Fictions Breast and Brightest" website/project.

The purpose of this project is to host of webpage you can view offline without a need to enable javascript in your Tor browser. Additionally you can join this project to enlarge the list of anime girls worth ranking by breast size. This will ensure freedom for people to view the list whithout compromising their privacy.

This repository contains a single webpage, which you are free to download to view a list of anime girls ranked by breast size starting from the biggest. This webpage doesn't contain any scripts, which ensures that you can view the webpage offline. Images are stored separately (~20MB).

Explanation from the source website http://bustchart.animu.date/ Here you will find the single largest pair of boobs by volume from any fictional series: including animation, comics, and video games from both the East and West. We visually inspect every worthy candidate in each series, including supporting, background, or even one-off characters, before they are immortalized here with their official measurements or estimated ones.

Know of a girl from a series we havent ranked yet? Spot a mistake or incorrect winner? Want to know how a certain girl got the top spot? You can make your mark and greatly help by joining the conversation on "http://discord.gg/bc8kbM9", our discord server! There is also always "https://boards.4chan.org/e/brg" an active 4chan thread on /e/, where the bust ranking was born.

Discussion about ranking and adding more anime girls will be held in a place where i came from. If you have any knowledge about anime girl breasts, feel free to join the project. All commit must be approved by me.

Membership Disqualifications (Restrictions)

For source works: unpublished, self-published, or pornographic (e.g. fanfiction, doujinshi, hentai, nukige, webcomic) a certain standard of art quality* insufficient for immortalization on this site.

For characters:

non-natural breasts (e.g. enhancements, artificial/designed beings, or transformations) non-human physiology (e.g. inhuman scale such as gigantism and dwarfism, excessive non-human traits, or disabling enormous breasts) unattractive characters* (e.g. obesity, unappealing features, or sexual immaturity) gag boobs (e.g. transient comedic growth, in-universe imaginary/hypothetical characters, or animation/artistic outliers). *determined by members of project or discussing parties

TL;DR about restrictions: only anime girls from anime series no porn, no doujinshi (official manga by original artist is acceptable, see Eiken), no fan artworks by no means. no in-anime breasts deformations.