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Tool to download FLACs from


If is down, click here for the latest Windows binary.

Statically linked 64-bit Linux and Windows binaries are available in the Releases tab. On Linux, you should install sox, ffmpeg and mktorrent with your package manager, and insert the paths to the binaries (found using which sox, which ffmpeg, etc...) into magic.json.

There are three other values which must be inserted into magic.json. app_id and app_secret are listed on this page. user_auth_token is specific to your qobuz account. See the bottom of this README for instructions on finding it. These values could change from time to time, so if qobuz-get stops working suddenly, you probably need to get new ones.

On Windows, run the InitEnvironment.bat script to set things up. On Linux, just call the binary from your shell.

But what about FreeBSD, macOS, ARM....?

It should be easy to build qobuz-get on any platform supported by a D compiler. Just install libcurl, libphobos, dub and a D compiler (such as DMD), then run dub build -b release.


No such file or directory when trying to run qobuz-get

Some Linux distros might not have /lib/ If this is the case with yours, try ln -s /lib64/ /lib/, it's a bit of a hack but it works.

FFmpeg fails!

On Linux, try using the statically linked ffmpeg binary provided here.

Sox fails!

Sox might not be compiled with the right features. Try compiling it yourself, using ./configure --with-flac. Also, if you try and link sox statically, it might not work. Try with dynamic linking.

It's still not working!

Check that the values in magic.json are correct, then ask for help on IRC. Connect to and then join the channel #qobuz-get. If you want my attention, just highlight me (say "albino"). I'll try and respond quickly but please be patient.

Finding user_auth_token

  • Open in your browser and log in with your credentials.
  • Open the 'Network' tab of your browser's developer tools. (In Firefox, right click on page -> inspect element -> select the 'Network' tab)
  • Open the page for any album.
  • In the Network window, you should see a GET request beginning with get?album_id. Select it.
  • You should see a list of headers on the right hand side (in Chrome, you need to click the "Headers" tab). Scroll down to the one which says x-user-auth-token. Select the content, and copy and paste it into magic.json. Done!