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Notebox interface

Notebox has a specific way of using it's interface. Here, it's covered. Like most notepads, the app contains a top bar and the text prompt. The File button will allow the user to manage both the application and the note. The Edit button will allow the user to customize the interface and navigate it. The user can customize fonts incase they have a hard time reading the text. Next to those two buttons, there are a few icons to make things easier. The user can undo, copy, paste and cut. Copy, pasting and cutting only works if some text is selected. The user is also able to quicksave, altough if the text file quicksave.txt at C:/Notebox is deleted/overwritten, the quicksave will be lost, hence why you have the option to simply update the app without overwriting it. If you wanna submit a modification, please send it to me at or in the Notebox Forums. More links regarding Notebox are avaliable in the Notebox folder, they should be at file:///C:/Notebox/Links.html. Regarding files, Notebox must be situated at C:/Notebox or some of its features will be broken.