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title: "{{ replace .Name "-" " " | title }}" description: menu: docs: parent: methods aliases: [ "/api/methods/SOMETHING", "/api/methods/something", ]

What the method does

GET /api/v1/example HTTP/1.1

Returns: [SOMETHING]({{< relref "entities/SOMETHING" >}})
OAuth: User token + oauth:scope
Permissions: Manage ???
Version history:
x.x.x - added


Path parameters
{{}} String. The ID of the SOMETHING in the database.
{{}} Provide this header with Bearer <user token> to gain authorized access to this API method.
Query parameters

Internal parameter. Use HTTP Link header for pagination.

String. All results returned will be lesser than this ID. In effect, sets an upper bound on results.
String. All results returned will be greater than this ID. In effect, sets a lower bound on results.
String. Returns results immediately newer than this ID. In effect, sets a cursor at this ID and paginates forward.
Integer. Maximum number of results to return. Defaults to 20 statuses or 40 accounts. Max twice the default limit.
Form data parameters


200: OK

Because SOMETHING IDs are generally not exposed via any API responses, you will have to parse the HTTP Link header to load older or newer results. See [Paginating through API responses]({{<relref "api/guidelines#pagination">}}) for more information.

Link: <https://mastodon.example/api/v1/SOMETHING?max_id=441449>; rel="next", <https://mastodon.example/api/v1/SOMETHING?since_id=444808>; rel="prev"
401: Unauthorized

Invalid or missing Authorization header.

  "error": "The access token is invalid"
403: Forbidden

Authorized user is missing a permission, or invalid or missing Authorization header

  "error": "This action is not allowed"
404: Not found

SOMETHING is not owned by you or does not exist

  "error": "Record not found"
410: Gone
422: Unprocessable entity
429: Rate limited
  "error": "Too many requests"
503: Service unavailable
  "error": "There was a temporary problem serving your request, please try again"

See also

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