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## Instructions:
- First uninstall current realtek audio driver.
- Restart ur PC with Disable driver signature enforcement:
Go to Settings > Update & Security > Recovery > Advanced startup > click Restart now
Now go to Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Startup Settings > click Restart
After the restart u will get a Startup Settings page, press F7 to go into disable driver signature enforcement.
- Download driver "Realtek_UAD_DolbyAtmos_v6.0*****.7z" from Releases and extract it.
- Go to UAD_DolbyAtmos_2020 folder and double click Setup.exe.
Continue with the warning sign and click Install this driver software anyway. Do not restart, select I will restart my computer later.
- Enable Sideload apps:
Go to Settings > Update & Security > For developers > click Sideload apps and close.
- Now go to UWP_BUNDLE folder and run INSTALL_UWP_BUNDLE.bat as administrator. Follow the instructions and complete the setup then close the CMD window.
Wait 1 min to give time to install the UWP application in background properly.
- Restart ur PC and Enjoy Dolby Atmos effects.
## FAQ:
- Which Windows version is compatible ?
Windows 10 64bit RS5 1809 to latest whatever version.
- Why no 32bit support ?
ƒuck 32bit.
- Which realtek audio chips are supported with this mod ?
Almost every audio chip they made.
- Any plan to add multiple APO in future ?
No, I like things simple and lightweight.
- Any update schedule for driver ?
At least once in every month.