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Werner Lemberg d0cfb4e1b2 Update all copyright notices. 2022-01-11 10:54:10 +01:00
Werner Lemberg b6e8a71266 Update all copyright notices. 2021-01-17 07:18:48 +01:00
Werner Lemberg e5038be704 Update all copyright notices. 2020-01-19 17:05:19 +01:00
Werner Lemberg 7585997024 Update all copyright notices. 2019-02-23 10:07:09 +01:00
Werner Lemberg f686ad46a3 Update copyright years. 2019-01-22 20:31:44 +01:00
Werner Lemberg 0a0c22569d Update copyright year. 2018-01-02 09:33:57 +01:00
Werner Lemberg 563ae78022 Update copyright year. 2017-01-04 20:16:34 +01:00
Werner Lemberg 9adeab6452 Update copyright year. 2016-01-13 11:54:10 +01:00
Werner Lemberg f57fc59e01 Run `src/tools/update-copyright'. 2015-01-17 20:41:43 +01:00
Werner Lemberg 8a4de0d669 * Makefile, *.mk: Use `?=' where appropriate.
* builds/ (TOP_DIR), builds/os2/ (TOP_DIR),
builds/win32/ (TOP_DIR): Removed.  Defined elsewhere.
2006-02-01 07:52:11 +00:00
Werner Lemberg 59939244ad Implement new, simplified module selection. With GNU make it is now
sufficient to modify a single file, `modules.cfg', to control the
inclusion of modules and base extension files.

This change also fixes the creation of ftmodule.h; it now depends on
`modules.cfg' and thus is rebuilt only if necessary.

Finally, a version of `ftoption.h' in OBJ_DIR is preferred over the
default location.

* modules.cfg: New file.

* builds/ Don't include `'.
Include all `' files as specified in `modules.cfg'.
(FT_CFLAGS): Add macro definition for FT_CONFIG_MODULES_H.
OBJ_M, OBJ_S): Use `:=', not `='.
(remove_ftmodule_h): New phony target to delete `ftmodule.h'.
(distclean): Add remove_ftmodule_h.

* builds/ (MODULE_LIST): Removed.
(make_module_list, clean_module_list): Replace targets
variables.  Reason for the change is that it is not possible to have
a phony prerequisite which is run only if the target file must be
rebuilt (phony prerequisites act like subroutines and are *always*
executed).  We only want to rebuild `ftmodule.h' if `module.cfg' is
Update all callers.
($FTMODULE_H)): Rule to create `ftmodule.h', depending on

* builds/ Rewrite and simplify module handling.
(MODULES_CFG, FTMODULE_H): New variables.
(MODULES): New variable to include all `' and `'
files.  We no longer use make's `wildcard' function for this.

* Makefile (USE_MODULES): Remove.  Update all users.
(OBJ_DIR): Define it here.

* src/*/ Change

    make_module_list: foo
    foo: ...


    define FOO

in all files.  `FTMODULE_H_COMMANDS' is used in `FTMODULE_H_CREATE'.


* builds/unix/ (setup): Always execute `configure' script.
(have_mk): Rename to...
(have_Makefile): This.
Don't use `strip' function.

* builds/unix/ Include `' only if BUILD_PROJECT is
(have_mk): Don't use `strip' function.
Test for in OBJ_DIR, not BUILD_DIR (and invert the test

* builds/unix/ (install, uninstall): Handle `ftmodule.h'.

* builds/os2/, builds/unix/,
builds/win32/, builds/win32/ Don't define
BUILD_DIR but DEVEL_DIR for development header files.

* builds/ansi/ (TOP_DIR, OBJ_DIR),
builds/beos/ (TOP_DIR, OBJ_DIR), builds/unix/
(TOP_DIR, OBJ_DIR): Removed.  Defined elsewhere.

* builds/dos/ (OBJ_DIR), builds/os2/ (OBJ_DIR),
builds/win32/ (OBJ_DIR): Removed.  Defined elsewhere.

* builds/unix/ Don't define BUILD_DIR but DEVEL_DIR for
development header files.
Don't define PLATFORM.

* configure: Copy `modules.cfg' to builddir if builddir != srcdir.
Update snippet taken from autoconf's m4sh.m4 to current CVS version.
Be more verbose.

* include/freetype/config/ftmodule.h: Add comments -- this file is
no longer used if FreeType is built with GNU make.

docs/INSTALL.GNU, docs/INSTALL.UNX: Document new build mechanism.
Other minor updates.

* modules.txt: Removed.  Contents included in `modules.cfg'.

* include/freetype/internal/ftmemory.h (FT_QAlloc_Debug,
FT_Free_Debug) [FT_STRICT_ALIASING]: Fix typos.

* src/base/ftdbgmem.c (FT_Alloc_Debug, FT_Realloc_Debug,
FT_QAlloc_Debug, FT_QRealloc_Debug, FT_Free_Debug)
2006-01-31 20:17:42 +00:00
Werner Lemberg 60a04df7b0 Add license. 2005-06-04 23:04:30 +00:00
Werner Lemberg 89df58f8e6 * Makefile, configure, */*.mk, builds/unix/,
2002-06-14 08:09:25 +00:00
Werner Lemberg 47a5f41de6 Added copyright messages to all Makefiles.
Added documentation to FT_Get_Sfnt_* stuff (in ftnames.[ch])

minor other doc fixes
2000-10-17 03:38:43 +00:00
David Turner 046f7a0c31 major revamp of the build system 2000-09-15 22:42:06 +00:00
David Turner f95a603117 minor updates to the "psaux" module.
Werner, please do not start re-formatting my experimental
code until I declare it "finished", because I still make big
changes to it that create lots of CVS conflicts..

thanks for your work, anyway :-)
2000-08-21 04:58:49 +00:00
Werner Lemberg a9f2ddd3dc Added a `distclean' target to remove files which are produced by the UNIX
configure script (in case no has been created due to errors).
2000-08-01 08:43:44 +00:00
David Turner a90663f591 vast clean-up of the sources in order to allow flat
directory compilation (by defining the FT_FLAT_COMPILE
macro at compile time..)

moved "freetype2/BUILD" to "freetype2/docs/BUILD"
2000-07-08 00:41:13 +00:00
Werner Lemberg e35cac66c6 A complete revision of FreeType 2's GNU makefiles (of the library):
Tons of unnecessary stuff have been removed; only the essential rules
  have been retained.

  The source files now depend on all header files in include/freetype,
  include/freetype/config, and include/freetype/internal.  This is not
  optimal, I know, and I'll try to improve this, but it is better than
  before (namely no dependencies on `internal').

  FTDEBUG_SRC has been added (similar to FTSYS_SRC) -- I don't know
  exactly whether this is really useful, but it doesn't harm.

  There is now more documentation in the makefiles itself.

io-frames.html: Use of <th>, <code>, and <var> for better tagging.

Reactivating of FT_DEBUG_LEVEL_xxx macros.

Added a lot of #include directives to make `multi' builds possible -- note
that currently the modules cid, t1, and t1z have clashing structures and
functions which means that you can only use one of these three modules for a
multi build.

Added some missing function declarations to (local) header files.

Renamed some T1_Open_Face() to CID_Open_Face() in the cid module -- a lot
of other functions should be renamed also...

Replaced many FT_xxx stuff with T1_xxx in t1z driver -- this isn't finished

Fixed FT_Free() to allow a NULL pointer without an assertion (this has
always been a valid assumption in FreeType, at least in FT 1.x).

A lot of other, minor fixes (mostly documentation).
2000-06-11 03:46:57 +00:00
Werner Lemberg febe3fbeba A first check of FT2's Make system. Many smaller and larger bugs have been

. Removing unused variables.

. files now must provide $(CONFIG_FILE) and not $(CONFIG_RULE).

. will now be really used as a fallback if the detect mechanism

. ANSIFLAGS will now be really used (fixing a typo).

. `make clean' now works (again two typos).

. Detection of gcc on Unix has been fixed (using the `-v' option instead of

. `make devel' now works (on Unix).

. Fixing *again* a bug in demos/graph/x11/ to allow multiple use
  of `-L' compiler options.

. $(BASE_H) now contains a few more header files.

As usual, a lot of formatting (not finished yet).
2000-03-05 01:14:19 +00:00
David Turner aa50b821c8 The font drivers that are statically linked to the library at build time
is now managed through the file `config/<platform>/ftmodule.h', which is
automatically generated through the rules file `config/'

Some changes to include this new rules file. Also, the target "modules"
will force the re-generation of the drivers list (this is handy when
adding or removing a font driver from the source tree).
1999-12-29 00:24:51 +00:00
David Turner d2b1f35704 Initial revision 1999-12-16 23:11:37 +00:00