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Werner Lemberg 92bd99bd25 Move 'dlg' submodule to `subprojects` directory.
This is for future changes with Meson, which doesn't allow a
different name for its `subprojects` directory.  Having both a
`submodules` and a `subprojects` directory is confusing.

* .gitmodules, (copy_submodule_files, DLG_INC_DIR,
DLG_SRC_DIR): Updated.

* builds/ (<top-level>, do-dist),
builds/windows/vc2010/script.bat: Updated.

* src/tools/no-copyright: Updated.
2021-02-16 14:07:18 +01:00
Priyesh Kumar 8da4b437b4 * .gitmodules: Add 'dlg' library's git repository as submodule. 2020-12-01 09:20:32 +01:00