REAMDE: Mention that gitlab's 'download' button doesn't work.

This is because the `git archive` command doesn't preserve submodules.

Note that currently there is no support for disabling the 'download' button
in gitlab (

Fixes issue #1158.
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Werner Lemberg 2022-05-18 07:06:58 +02:00
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@ -16,7 +16,9 @@ Read the files `docs/INSTALL*` for installation instructions; see the
file `docs/LICENSE.TXT` for the available licenses.
For using FreeType's git repository instead of a distribution bundle,
please read file `README.git`.
please read file `README.git`. Note that you have to actually clone
the repository; using a snapshot will not work (in other words, don't
use gitlab's 'Download' button).
The FreeType 2 API reference is located in directory `docs/reference`;
use the file `index.html` as the top entry point. [Please note that