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Peter Eisentraut b55f62abb2 Unify DLSUFFIX on Darwin 18 hours ago
Makefile Install our "missing" script where PGXS builds can find it. 7 years ago
ax_pthread.m4 Update config/ax_pthread.m4 to latest upstream version. 4 years ago
c-compiler.m4 Suppress warning about stack_base_ptr with late-model GCC. 5 months ago
c-library.m4 Enable Unix-domain sockets support on Windows 2 years ago
check_decls.m4 Fix configure's AC_CHECK_DECLS tests to work correctly with clang. 4 years ago Pre-beta mechanical code beautification. 2 months ago
config.guess Update config.guess and config.sub 3 months ago
config.sub Update config.guess and config.sub 3 months ago
general.m4 Rename to 2 years ago
install-sh Fix install-strip on Mac OS X 10 years ago
libtool.m4 Rename AC_PROG_LD* macros to PGAC_PROG_LD*. This avoids clashes with the 18 years ago
llvm.m4 jit: configure: Explicitly reference 'native' component. 2 years ago
missing Remove cvs keywords from all files. 12 years ago
perl.m4 Adjust configure to insist on Perl version >= 5.8.3. 9 months ago
pkg.m4 Fix collection of typos in the code and the documentation 4 months ago
prep_buildtree Fix vpath build 3 years ago
programs.m4 Remove configure's check for rl_completion_append_character. 5 months ago
python.m4 Unify DLSUFFIX on Darwin 18 hours ago
tcl.m4 configure: More use of AC_ARG_VAR 4 years ago