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Release 6.13.

Signed-off-by: Alexandre Julliard <>
master wine-6.13
Alexandre Julliard 2 months ago
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The Wine development release 6.12 is now available.
The Wine development release 6.13 is now available.
What's new in this release (see below for details):
- Builtin "Blue" and "Classic Blue" themes.
- Proper scrollbar theming.
- More work towards WinSock PE conversion.
- Beginnings of the NSI (Network Store Interface) implementation.
- Support for 32/64-bit registry views in reg.exe.
- Preparation work for the GDI syscall interface.
- Some progress on the IPHLPAPI PE conversion.
- Various bug fixes.
The source is available from the following locations:
Binary packages for various distributions will be available from:
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Bugs fixed in 6.12 (total 42):
8606 No network-support in the game Joint Operations Typhoon Rising
21259 Visual C++ 2005 Trial build hangs on first run after a reboot
24501 wine-mono does not support WPF
27133 WiX 3.5 with Mono 2.10 generates broken MSI packages when 2 files of identical size are added to the same installer
28393 WiX Toolset v3.x: light.exe can't find files in deeply-nested directories
33421 Cypress PSoC Creator 3.0 installer fails with Wine-Mono ('System.SystemException: Error running C:\windows\mono\mono\mini\mono.exe: File not found.')
34045 Provide Managed DirectX replacement assemblies for Mono (Gray Matter demo)
34643 The Bureau XCOM Declassified (.NET 4.0 managed C++/CLI game) crashes with Wine-Mono
42191 Multiple games require d3d11 deferred contexts (Diablo 3, Dark Souls 3, The Evil Within, Elex, Alien: Isolation, Assassin's Creed III)
46592 Heroes III Horn of the Abyss 1.5.4 TCP/IP issue
46595 Rainbow Six Siege hangs on Uplay splash screen
46960 Mono's interactive C# shell crashes when typing a character
47791 Inconsistent %ERRORLEVEL% after setting env var value in cmd.exe
48000 Multiple installers call 'reg.exe' with unhandled 'copy' command (CDBurnerXP 4.1.x - 4.4.x, Windows PowerShell 2.0)
48530 DWScript Http.sys 2.0 Web Application Server demo crashes on startup (needs support for httpapi.HttpSetUrlGroupProperty 'HttpServerLoggingProperty' property)
49315 Sid Meier’s Civilization® VI remains stuck on a grey screen after the introduction video.
49395 Multiple Direct2D applications stopped working after upgrade to Wine 5.10 which removed advertising of ID3D10Device interface on d3d11 devices (Altium Designer 20, T-Force Alpha Plus VST2 64bit plugin, MSDN-Direct2D-Demo)
49935 mismatch behavior in API function GetOpenFileName
50113 Total Commander 9.51: when using a third-party theme with Windows XP, the drive buttons and function buttons at the bottom of the window (F5 Copy) are not displayed
50209 S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat needs D3DX10CreateTextureFromMemory implementation
50506 WM_INPUT messages are not received for HID devices registered with RegisterRawInputDevices
50603 WiX Toolset v3.11 installer crashes when loading update feed XML
50735 MSBuild fails to launch FileTracker
50793 Regression: Far Cry crashes on launch
51052 6.4 regression: 32-bit Cheat Engine attaching its debugger leads to the target process crashing
51214 rundll.exe and winoldap.mod crash
51223 Wine 6.10 regression, dinput broken in certain situations?
51225 regression - Warframe colors messed up - wine staging
51244 Frostpunk doesn't launch with builtin msvcr120
51257 Wine 6.10 regression, crash after "_Locinfo__Locinfo_ctor_cat_cstr" message in CLI
51258 Timespinner controller input stopped working in wine 6.10
51264 GUI exe receives invalid StdOutput HANDLE if launched via ShellExecuteEx
51266 S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Anomaly 1.5.1: AI Targeting Is Broken
51278 wine packages for ubuntu have dependency glitch
51291 Youkoso! Sukebe Elf no Mori e (demo) doesn't show thumbnail image in monitor settings.
51303 Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes needs d3d11_swapchain_GetLastPresentCount implementation
51322 Clang-cl 12 fails on unimplemented function KERNEL32.dll.GetProcessGroupAffinity
51324 Imperium Great Battles of Rome can't play videos
51328 DWScript Http.sys 2.0 Web Application Server demo crashes on startup (needs httpapi.HttpSetServerSessionProperty)
51335 Multiple applications require tbs.dll (Windows PC Health Check, TrouSerS, readpcr)
51347 QQ 2021 installer: have no permission for the installation path.
51375 SCM erroneously tries to start 64-bit kernel drivers as 32-bit service due to incorrect handling of 'IMAGE_FILE_DLL' image characteristics in 'kernel32.dll.GetBinaryTypeW' (Protect DiSC 'acedrv11.sys')
Bugs fixed in 6.13 (total 31):
15381 CoFreeUnusedLibraries will crash COM server or cause 0x800703E6/I_RpcReceive error 0x3e6
28326 CDBurnerXP's audio player is missing some visual elements
28795 ExeInfoPE v0.0.3.0: PE protection schemes that abuse %gs won't run (breaks glibc TLS selector)
32517 installer of QQMusic 8.6 hangs
34966 Academagia (WPF game) dialog windows are invisible until alt-tabed out
35611 A lot of user32:msg tests fail in the Japanese locale
35921 Multiple games and applications need IDirectXVideoProcessorService via DXVA2CreateVideoService (DXVA Checker 3.x/4.x, Perfect World, Kodi)
37370 Doom 3 (CD version) installer: 'cancel' button does nothing in 'Please insert: DOOM 3 Disk x' dialog
39377 Add support for 'msidbControlAttributesFormatSize' in static text controls to format and label properties such as 'PrimaryVolumeSpaceRequired' (SkySaga installer)
41703 Workaround LdrUnloadDll() for C libraries that do not support the dlclose() function
43173 Far Cry 4 sound stops
45198 Project CARS 2 shows only a black screen (requires constant buffer offsetting)
45620 Dishonored 2 Demo crashes at launch
45807 Incorrect toolbar background in MFC apps, when visual theming enabled
50374 pCon.planner doesn't finish installation and doesn't open
50404 Sims 4 crashes on startup with builtin msvcrt
51152 The 64-bit ntdll:exception test fails in Wine
51262 Since 308a5e7 no 32bit program starts
51277 Multiple games become unresponsive with plugged in controller (INSIDE, The Hong Kong Massacre, Sniper Elite 3)
51281 C:\users\<user>\appdata\local not created on prefix update
51295 ntoskrnl.exe:ntoskrnl occasionally hangs in test_overlapped()
51329 Windows PC Health Check requires api-ms-win-core-featurestaging-l1-1-0.dll
51331 client unusable, reports "The Update Agent went to sleep. Attempting to wake it up..."
51340 d3d10core:d3d10core, d3d11:d3d11 test_texture_compressed_3d() fails on Nvidia (cw-gtx560)
51348 uxtheme.SetWindowTheme should use SendMessage to send WM_THEMECHANGED
51366 several wine-mono network tests fail with timeout
51368 World of Warcraft : undefined d3d state
51381 Battlefield 4 cannot find online matches
51382 NetEase Cloud Music crashes on zh_CN.UTF-8 locale.
51416 deferred context memory leak
51425 Mathearbeit G 5.6 installer reports null pointer exception in module 'shell32.dll' starting with Wine 6.9-142-g98d43c5dcfb
Changes since 6.11:
Akihiro Sagawa (3):
ntdll/tests: Expand path name tests with path + device name.
ntdll: Validate directory path when the path name ends with a dos device name.
ntdll: Fix null pointer dereference in RtlDosPathNameToNtPathName_U_WithStatus.
Alex Henrie (4):
include: Add tbs.h.
include: Add TBS_E_* to winerror.h.
tbs: Add stub dll.
tbs: Add Tbsi_Context_Create stub.
Alexander Fischer (1):
winhttp: Added stubs to function request_set_option.
Alexandre Julliard (36):
ntdll: Go through the syscall return path for syscall faults.
ntdll: Simulate a syscall return when starting a thread.
winecrt0: Use multiple load/store instructions in setjmp() on ARM.
ntdll/tests: Add more tests for segment registers in 64-bit mode.
ntdll/tests: Add more tests for Wow64 contexts.
server: Add a native_machine global variable.
server: Use separate handles for thread and context in get_thread_context.
server: Simplify the naming of the YMM regs.
server: Trace extended registers as 128-bit entities.
ntdll: Initialize the RealClientId field in the TEB.
ntdll/tests: Move Wow64 tests to a separate file.
ntdll: Support converting server contexts from one machine to another.
server: Support both native and wow64 register contexts.
ntdll: Only update the data that was requested in the destination context.
ntdll: Avoid crash on shutting down partially initialized thread.
ntdll: Implement NtWow64Read/WriteVirtualMemory64().
ntdll: Implement NtWow64AllocateVirtualMemory64().
ntdll: Don't rely on get_thread_context() updating the context flags.
server: Remove the no longer used pid/tid fields in the init_thread request.
ntdll/tests: Add tests for 64-bit modules in Wow64 mode.
ntdll/tests: Add tests for RtlWow64GetCurrentCpuArea().
ntdll: Implement RtlWow64GetCurrentCpuArea().
configure: Disable nsiproxy.sys for the Windows build.
ntdll: Implement RtlWow64GetThreadSelectorEntry().
ntdll: Clear the 32-bit TLS for ZeroTlsCell in Wow64 mode.
ntdll: Add a helper function to retrieve the CPU area context on the Unix side.
ntdll: Initialize the Wow64 context on x86-64.
ntdll: Use the CPU area to get/set the Wow64 context on x86-64.
kernel32: Fix the DLL check in GetBinaryTypeW().
server: Store session id in the process and return it at process init time.
ntdll: Implement NtQueryInformationProcess(ProcessSessionInformation).
ntdll: Return the session id in NtQuerySystemInformation(SystemProcessInformation).
server: Store the session id in the process token.
ntdll: Implement NtQueryInformationToken(TokenSessionId).
kernelbase: Implement ProcessIdToSessionId().
ntdll/tests: Retrieve the actual segment registers for RtlWow64GetThreadSelectorEntry test.
Alistair Leslie-Hughes (1):
include: Add ICommandWithParameters interface.
Andrey Gusev (1):
msvcr120: Add version.rc file.
Aurimas Fišeras (1):
po: Update Lithuanian translation.
Bernhard Übelacker (2):
winedbg: Try to load debug symbols for executable in gdb mode.
ntdll: Allow 16-bit executables to be loaded from build directory.
Brendan McGrath (1):
kernelbase: Don't pass StdHandles with CREATE_NEW_CONSOLE.
Connor Abbott (4):
winegcc: Recognize .obj files as objects.
winegcc: Pass through -pthread.
winegcc: Support -Wl,--start-group and -Wl,--end-group.
winegcc: Support -Wl,foo=... style linker options.
Changes since 6.12:
Aaron Hill (1):
crypt32: Implement CNG_RSA_PUBLIC_KEY_BLOB encoding/decoding.
Adrian Thiele (1):
mfplat: Use D3DFORMAT for dxgi buffer copy function.
Alex Henrie (1):
api-ms-win-core-featurestaging-l1-1-0: Add DLL.
Alexandre Julliard (26):
ntdll: Implement SystemEmulation* information classes.
ntdll: Implement NtWow64GetNativeSystemInformation().
ntdll: Forward RtlGetNativeSystemInformation() to NtWow64GetNativeSystemInformation() on 32-bit.
ntdll: Get rid of the almost empty nt.c.
ntdll: Get rid of the almost empty directory.c.
ntdll: Get rid of the almost empty virtual.c.
wow64: Add stub dll.
wow64win: Add stub dll.
ntdll: Store the pthread TEB value on thread init.
ntdll: Allocate a 32-bit %fs selector on Linux in Wow64 mode.
ntdll: Switch back to the pthread %fs register in signal handlers.
winebuild: Add a specific platform id for Linux.
winebuild: Save/restore the %fs register in the syscall dispatcher on Linux.
ntdll: Make the ntdll exports and relocations processing more generic.
ntdll: Also load the Wow64 ntdll for the main exe target machine.
ntdll: Add support for LdrSystemDllInitBlock.
ntdll: Fix iosb handling in NtCancelIoFile().
ntdll: Pass a length pointer instead of an IO_STATUS_BLOCK to the async callbacks.
ntdll: Add a helper function to open a file object.
ntdll: Avoid calling NtOpenFile() from the Unix side.
ntdll: Avoid calling NtCreateFile() from the Unix side.
ntdll: Avoid calling NtReadFile() from the Unix side.
ntdll/tests: Add tests for IO_STATUS_BLOCKs in Wow64 mode.
ntdll: Don't restore %fs selector on nested signals.
ntdll: Use the 32-bit RtlUserThreadStart as initial Eip in the 32-bit context.
server: Don't generate dll load event for native binaries on Wow64.
Alistair Leslie-Hughes (3):
secur32: Set error flag on pull callback.
include: Update _IMAGEHLP_MODULEW64 stucture.
dbghelp: Initialize new structure members.
Andrew Eikum (1):
shell32: Fix unused knownfolder definition.
Arkadiusz Hiler (1):
dinput: Don't add 'default value 0' entries to the data transform.
Bernhard Übelacker (1):
hhctrl.ocx: Handle only the number of bytes given in html_fragment_len.
Biswapriyo Nath (2):
include: Add some function declarations in propvarutil.h.
winecrt0: Add missing members in _JUMP_BUFFER for SJLJ.
Brendan Shanks (1):
ntdll: Fix locale detection on Mac.
Damjan Jovanovic (3):
msxml3: Return S_FALSE from IXMLDOMNamedNodeMap::nextNode() when there are no attributes.
wininet: Improve InternetGetLastResponseInfo() logging.
wininet: Validate InternetGetLastResponseInfo() parameters.
wininet: InternetGetLastResponseInfoW() returns wide chars, not ASCII.
wininet: Return the required buffer size from InternetGetLastResponseInfo() when it's too small.
wininet: The buffer is returned from InternetGetLastResponseInfo() even when the error is 0.
Dmitry Timoshkov (1):
oleaut32: ICreateTypeInfo2::AddVarDesc() should handle failure of allocation and initialization of a variant description.
Eric Pouech (4):
winedbg: Accept hex values in command line.
winedbg: Fix crash when no process attached in 'info wnd' command.
winedbg: Correct mapping read/write/execute information.
winedbg: Add helper in gdbproxy mode to get proper address width information.
Floris Renaud (1):
po: Update Dutch translation.
François Gouget (6):
pdh: Update PdhAddEnglishCounterA/W() to match Windows 10 >= 2004.
pdh/tests: Skip a test that crashes on Windows 10 >= 2004.
d3d10core/tests: Increase the tolerance in test_texture_compressed_3d().
d3d11/tests: Increase the tolerance in test_texture_compressed_3d().
msvcr120/tests: Wcstof() depends on the system locale.
shell32/tests: Fix the known folder relative path check for multiple CD drives.
Georg Lehmann (7):
winevulkan: Update to VK spec version 1.2.182.
winevulkan: Unwrap params with objecttype.
winevulkan: Automatically generate vkSetPrivateDataEXT.
winevulkan: Automatically generate vkGetPrivateDataEXT.
winevulkan: Automatically generate vkDebugReportMessageEXT.
winevulkan: Unwrap struct members with objecttype.
winevulkan: Fix bit field struct members.
Gijs Vermeulen (2):
amstream/tests: Clarify flags passed to IAMMultiMediaStream::OpenFile().
amstream: Handle AMMSF_RENDERALLSTREAMS in IAMMultiMediaStream::OpenFile().
Giovanni Mascellani (1):
mf/sar: Query for current padding before requesting sample buffer.
Hans Leidekker (1):
secur32: Use blocking mode for DTLS sessions.
Haoyang Chen (1):
ole32: Request the needed memory blocks at once.
Henri Verbeet (11):
wined3d: Add decompression information for BC4_UNORM.
wined3d: Only invalidate valid state IDs in wined3d_cs_exec_reset_state().
wined3d: Use wined3d_mask_from_size() in arbfp_blitter_blit().
wined3d: Use wined3d_mask_from_size() in glsl_blitter_blit().
wined3d: Use wined3d_mask_from_size() in wined3d_context_gl_enable_clip_distances().
wined3d: Use wined3d_mask_from_size() in find_draw_buffers_mask().
dxgi/tests: Add a test for swapchain present counts.
dxgi: Implement d3d11_swapchain_GetLastPresentCount().
dxgi: Implement d3d12_swapchain_GetLastPresentCount().
wined3d: Only set valid render states in wined3d_device_context_set_state().
wined3d: Only set valid transform states in wined3d_device_context_set_state().
Hugh McMaster (12):
reg/tests: Modify delete_tree() to support the use of registry views.
reg/tests: Remove duplicate test from test_registry_view_wow64().
reg/tests: Test deletion of keys and values using registry views.
reg: Support use of registry views when deleting registry values.
reg: Support use of registry views when deleting registry keys.
reg/tests: Split 'query' syntax tests into a separate function.
reg/tests: Test use of registry views with the 'query' operation.
reg/tests: Verify key opening and key deletion in delete_tree().
reg/tests: Don't verify key deletion after calling delete_tree().
reg/tests: Test use of registry views when querying registry values.
reg/tests: Check all error codes in delete_tree() before returning.
reg: Support use of registry views in the 'query' operation.
winex11.drv: Don't free cached DnD data after informing an application about the drop event.
Eric Pouech (2):
dbghelp: Correctly initialize the module_pair structure in SymGetTypeFromName.
dbghelp/tests: Try to fix failure in current dbghelp tests.
Esdras Tarsis (3):
bthprops.cpl: Add BluetoothFindNextRadio stub.
api-ms-win-core-console-l3-2-0: Add stub dll.
api-ms-win-core-kernel32-legacy-l1-1-5: Add stub dll.
Esme Povirk (1):
rundll32: Only call LoadLibrary16 on x86.
François Gouget (24):
user32/tests: Use WineTest contexts to simplify test_mdi().
user32/tests: Fix the wording of an ok() message.
shell32/test: Fix an ok() message.
shell32/tests: Use WineTest contexts to simplify shellpath.
shell32/tests: Fix the PathResolve() tests on Windows 8.1, early 10.
winetest: Report GetLastError() when CreateProcess() fails.
ntdll/tests: TZinfo sometimes does not get a MUI string.
ntdll/tests: Improve the RtlWaitOnAddress() timeout checks.
kernel32: Fix the formatting of an NLS_IsUnicodeOnlyLcid() trace.
mlang/tests: Fix the check for non-English locales in test_GetCodePageInfo().
oleaut32: Fix a trace containing a null character.
oleaut32/tests: Allow testing VarParseNumFromStr() using Unicode strings.
oleaut32/tests: Add more VarParseNumFromStr() tests.
oleaut32: Fix the Var*FromStr() prototypes.
user32/tests: Fix the keyboard layout id in an ok() message.
kernel32/tests: Use WineTest contexts to simplify test_Loader().
winetest: Create the -d directory if it does not exist already.
oleaut32/tests: Use EQ_DOUBLE() in vartype too.
oleaut32: Update the VarDateFromStr() Y2K cutoff.
oleaut32: Update the SystemTimeToVariantTime() Y2K cutoff.
kernel32/tests: Allow failure when loading the 268 bytes minimal PE image.
oleaut32/tests: Report the error when VarParseNumFromStr() fails.
oleaut32: Fix VarParseNumFromStr()'s support for two-character currencies.
oleaut32: VarParseNumFromStr() accepts trailing currency symbols.
Georg Lehmann (3):
winevulkan: Fix pointer typedef base types.
winevulkan: Update to VK spec version 1.2.185.
winevulkan: Enable VK_HUAWEI_subpass_shading.
Gerald Pfeifer (1):
nsiproxy: Include netinet/in.h before if_ether.h.
Giovanni Mascellani (2):
winegstreamer: Set MF_MT_ALL_SAMPLES_INDEPENDENT for audio types.
mf/sar: Allow requesting more than a sample per period.
Henri Verbeet (10):
d3d11: Only complain once about d3d10 interface emulation in d3d11_device_context_SwapDeviceContextState().
d2d1: Do not clear the device context state in d2d_device_context_draw().
wined3d: Use wined3d_mask_from_size() in state_stencil().
wined3d: Use wined3d_mask_from_size() in wined3d_context_vk_apply_draw_state().
wined3d: Use wined3d_mask_from_size() in wined3d_render_pass_vk_init().
winex11: Request VK_KHR_external_memory_capabilities in get_gpu_properties_from_vulkan().
winex11: Request VK_KHR_display in get_gpu_properties_from_vulkan().
wined3d: Use wined3d_mask_from_size() in shader_glsl_ld_uav().
wined3d: Use wined3d_mask_from_size() in shader_glsl_atomic().
wined3d: Use wined3d_mask_from_size() in shader_glsl_get_sample_function().
Hugh McMaster (8):
reg/tests: Split 'import' syntax tests into a separate function.
reg/tests: Test use of registry views when importing keys and values.
reg: Support use of registry views in the 'import' command.
reg/tests: Add registry view syntax tests for the 'import' operation.
reg/tests: Test use of registry views when exporting registry data.
reg/tests: Split 'export' syntax tests into a separate function.
reg/tests: Use correct file and line arguments with delete_file().
reg: Support use of registry views when exporting registry data.
Huw D. M. Davies (30):
include: Add netiodef.h.
uuid: Add a few NPI module ids.
nsi: Add a stub dll.
nsi: Add stub implementations of NsiAllocateAndGetTable() and NsiFreeTable().
nsi/tests: Add tests for the NDIS ifinfo table.
nsi: Add a stub implementation of NsiGetAllParameters().
nsi: Add a stub implementation of NsiGetParameter().
nsi: Add a stub implementation of NsiEnumerateObjectsAllParameters().
nsi: Add a stub implementation of NsiEnumerateObjectsAllParametersEx().
nsi: Add a stub implementation of NsiGetAllParametersEx().
nsi: Add a stub implementation of NsiGetParameterEx().
nsiproxy: Create the nsi device.
loader: Add tag ids to ensure nsiproxy.sys starts before ndis.sys.
nsi: Implement NsiEnumerateObjectsAllParameterEx().
iphlpapi: Fill out a few more MIB_IF_ROW2 entries.
iphlpapi: For unknown interface types set the physical address length to zero.
nsiproxy: Implement NDIS ifinfo enumerate_all.
nsi: Implement NsiAllocateAndGetTable() and NsiFreeTable().
nsi: Implement NsiGetAllParametersEx().
nsiproxy: Implement NDIS ifinfo get_all_parameters.
nsi: Implement NsiGetParameterEx().
nsiproxy: Implement NDIS ifinfo get_parameter for a few parameters.
nsiproxy: Implement NDIS index to luid get_parameter.
iphlpapi: Use ConvertInterfaceIndexToLuid() where possible.
iphlpapi: Implement if_nametoindex() using the ConvertInterface* functions.
iphlpapi: Implement if_indextoname() using the ConvertInterface* functions.
iphlpapi: Rewrite ConvertInterfaceLuidToNameA/NameToLuidA() to call their unicode equivalents.
Jacek Caban (19):
include: Add proofofpossessioncookieinfo.idl file.
conhost: Silence FIXME in console_input_ioctl.
gdi32/tests: Add metafile file creation tests.
gdi32: Delay writing metafile file until CloseMetaFile is called.
gdi32: Remove no longer used disk-based metafile special-cases.
gdi32: Delay writing to enhanced metafile file until CreateEnhMetaFile is called.
gdi32: Introduce gdi_obj_header and use it to store gdi_obj_funcs.
gdi32: Move more fields from gdi_handle_entry to gdi_obj_header.
include: Add ntgdi.h file.
gdi32: Use handle layout compatible with GdiSharedHandleTable to store handles.
gdi32: Initialize GdiSharedHandleTable in PEB.
gdi32: Introduce NtGdiSelectPen.
gdi32: Introduce NtGdiSelectBitmap.
gdi32: Introduce NtGdiSelectBrush.
gdi32: Introduce NtGdiSelectFont.
gdi32: Reimplement SelectObject on top of ntgdi interface.
gdi32: Use get_object_type for GetObjectType implementation.
gdi32: Directly use ntgdi interface to select objects.
gdi32/tests: Add more SelectObject tests.
Jan Sikorski (1):
wined3d: Avoid ending the renderpass when issuing a query.
maintainers: Add a Network Store Interface section.
mountmgr.sys: Move dhcp lookup to a worker thread.
iphlpapi: Implement ConvertInterfaceIndexToLuid() on top of nsi.
iphlpapi: Implement ConvertInterfaceLuidToIndex() on top of nsi.
iphlpapi: Implement ConvertInterfaceGuidToLuid() on top of nsi.
iphlpapi: Implement ConvertInterfaceLuidToGuid() on top of nsi.
iphlpapi/tests: Run the interface conversion tests on all interfaces.
dhcpcsvc: Pass a luid instead of the adapter name.
iphlpapi: Implement ConvertInterfaceAliasToLuid().
iphlpapi: Implement ConvertInterfaceLuidToAlias().
mountmgr: Retrieve the unix-name from the alias.
iphlpapi: ConvertInterfaceLuidToNameW/NameToLuidW use names based on the luid's type and index.
iphlpapi: Implement GetIfTable2Ex() on top of nsi.
iphlpapi: Implement IfGetEntry2Ex() on top of nsi.
iphlpapi: Implement GetNumberOfInterfaces() on top of nsi.
iphlpapi: Implement ConvertGuidToString[AW]().
iphlpapi: Implement ConvertStringToGuidW().
iphlpapi: Use ConvertGuidToStringA() where possible.
iphlpapi: Implement GetInterfaceInfo() on top of GetIfTable().
iphlpapi: Implement GetAdapterIndex() on top of GetIfTable().
iphlpapi: Implement GetIfTable() on top of nsi.
iphlpapi: Implement GetIfEntry() on top of nsi.
iphlpapi: Implement AllocateAndGetIfTableFromStack() on top of nsi.
iphlpapi: Return the TCPIP device name in MIB_IFROW.
iphlpapi: Remove unused function getInterfaceStatsByName().
nsiproxy: Implement IP unicast enumerate_all.
nsiproxy: Implement IP unicast get_all_parameters.
iphlpapi: Implement GetUnicastIpAddressTable() on top of nsi.
iphlpapi: Implement GetUnicastIpAddressEntry() on top of nsi.
netapi32: Default to CP_UTF8 when WINEUNIXCP is not set.
Jacek Caban (32):
gdi32: Introduce NtGdiExtGetObjectW.
gdi32: Reimplement GetObjectA on top of GetObjectW.
gdi32: Implement CreatePenIndirect on top of CreatePen.
gdi32: Introduce NtGdiCreatePen.
gdi32: Implement CreateBitmapIndirect on top of CreateBitmap.
gdi32: Introduce NtGdiCreateBitmap.
gdi32: Use ntgdi names for bitmap functions.
gdi32: Move CreateDiscardableBitmap implementation to objects.c.
gdi32: Introduce NtGdiDeleteObjectApp.
gdi32: Introduce NtGdiExtCreateRegion.
gdi32: Use ntgdi names for region constructors.
gdi32: Use ntgdi names for region functions.
gdi32: Move region helper functions to objects.c.
gdi32/tests: Remove workarounds for old Windows versions.
gdi32/test: Add more handle table tests.
gdi32: Store ntgdi object types in handle table.
gdi32: Rename gdi_private.h to ntgdi_private.h.
gdi32: Use NtGdiCreateClientObj for metafile objects.
gdi32: Use NtGdiCreateClientObj for enhmetafile objects.
include: Fix C++ InitPropVariantFromGUIDAsBuffer implementation.
include: Declare NTSTATUS in propvarutils.h.
gdi32: Introduce NtGdiLineTo.
gdi32: Introduce NtGdiMoveTo.
gdi32: Use NtGdiArcInternal for Arc implementation.
gdi32: Use NtGdiArcInternal for ArcTo implementation.
gdi32: Use NtGdiArcInternal for Chord implementation.
gdi32: Use NtGdiArcInternal for Pie implementation.
gdi32: Handle metafiles directly in LineTo implementation.
gdi32: Handle metafiles directly in MoveToEx implementation.
gdi32: Handle metafiles directly in Chord and Pie implementations.
gdi32: Handle metafiles directly in Arc implementation.
gdi32: Introduce DC_ATTR struct and use it to store current position.
Jactry Zeng (1):
gdi32: Fix a typo in unix_face_create().
Julian Rüger (1):
po: Update German translation.
Nikolay Sivov (8):
include: Add MFP_POSITIONTYPE_100NS symbol.
mfplay: Keep start/stop positions for items.
mfplay: Set start/stop position on source nodes.
mf/session: Send failed event when clearing topologies from closed state.
mf/session: Fix pause command handling from invalid states.
mf/session: Complete start command when called from invalid state.
mf/session: Treat only started/paused/stopped as valid states for start command.
mf/session: Fix typo in a trace message.
Paul Gofman (6):
jscript: Don't list LexicalDeclaration in Statement.
jscript: Initialize variable flags in new_variable_declaration().
jscript: Factor out compiler statement push and pop functions.
jscript: Implement 'let' declaration in 'for' statement.
ntdll/tests: Do not write to fs, gs when testing cleared segment regs on x64.
mshtml: Handle NULL nsstyle in HTMLWindow7_getComputedStyle().
Piotr Caban (2):
msvcrt: Match native sinf results in -Pi/4 - Pi/4 range.
msvcrt: Match native cosf results in -Pi/4 - Pi/4 range.
Qian Hong (4):
ntdll/tests: Test deleting files with an open mapping.
server: Forbid deleting files with an open mapping.
ntdll: Truncate files through the server.
server: Forbid shrinking files which are mapped to memory.
Roman Pišl (2):
kernel32: Implement GetProcessGroupAffinity stub.
ntdll: Don't pretend that the whole address space is reserved on non-i386.
Rémi Bernon (54):
d2d1: Query ID3D11Device1 interface in d2d_device_context_init.
d2d1: Query ID3D11Resource interface in d2d_bitmap_init.
d2d1: Use D3D11 interfaces in CopyFromMemory.
d2d1: Use D3D11 interfaces in d2d_bitmap_init.
d2d1: Use D3D11 interfaces in d2d_device_context_get_surface.
d2d1: Use D3D11 interfaces in d2d_bitmap_create.
mf/session: Complete session_start command even if already started.
hidclass.sys: Support parsing of explicit usage page.
hidclass.sys: Compute report sizes during parsing.
hidclass.sys: Build an alternate value array.
hid: Rewrite HidP_Get*Caps using HidP_GetSpecific*Caps.
hid: Introduce new get_value_caps_range helper for HidP_InitializeReportForID.
hid: Introduce new enum_value_caps helper for HidP_GetSpecificButtonCaps.
d2d1: Use D3D11 interfaces in d2d_bitmap_create_shared.
d2d1: Accept ID3D11Resource in d2d_bitmap_init.
d2d1: Remove pointer indirections in d2d_gradient_create.
d2d1: Use D3D11 interfaces in d2d_gradient_create.
hid: Rewrite HidP_GetSpecificValueCaps using enum_value_caps.
hid: Rewrite HidP_MaxUsageListLength using enum_value_caps.
hid: Rewrite HidP_SetUsages using enum_value_caps.
hid: Rewrite HidP_GetUsages using enum_value_caps.
hid: Rewrite HidP_GetUsagesEx using enum_value_caps.
hid: Introduce new copy_bits helper for HidP_SetUsageValueArray.
hid: Rewrite HidP_GetUsageValueArray using enum_value_caps.
hid: Rewrite HidP_SetUsageValue using enum_value_caps.
hid: Rewrite HidP_GetUsageValue using enum_value_caps.
hid: Rewrite HidP_GetScaledUsageValue using enum_value_caps.
d2d1: Use D3D11 interfaces to create buffers.
d2d1: Use D3D11 interfaces to create input layout.
d2d1: Use D3D11 interfaces to create vertex shader.
d2d1: Use D3D11 interfaces to create pixel shader.
hid: Return HIDP_STATUS_INCOMPATIBLE_REPORT_ID when id mismatches.
hid: Rewrite HidP_MaxDataListLength using enum_value_caps.
hid: Rewrite HidP_GetData using enum_value_caps.
hid: Build link collection nodes in HidP_GetLinkCollectionNodes.
hid: Always return node count in HidP_GetLinkCollectionNodes.
d2d1: Use D3D11 interfaces to create rasterizer state.
d2d1: Use D3D11 interfaces to create blend state.
d2d1: Use D3D11 interfaces to create sampler states.
d2d1: Use D3DDeviceContextState instead of D3D10 state block.
d2d1: Remove unused D3D10 interfaces.
ntoskrnl.exe/tests: Retry timer wait to address spurious failures.
include: Declare KeInitializeSpinLock as static FORCEINLINE.
ntoskrnl.exe/tests: Add some pending / remove tests.
winebus.sys: Introduce new remove_pending_irps helper.
winebus.sys: Handle IRP_MN_SURPRISE_REMOVAL and set removed flag.
ntoskrnl.exe: Implement Ke(Initialize|Insert|Remove)DeviceQueue.
winebus.sys: Add missing keyboard free_device callback.
hidclass.sys: Disable the keyboard device interface on removal.
wineusb.sys: Introduce new remove_pending_irps helper.
wineusb.sys: Handle IRP_MN_SURPRISE_REMOVAL and set removed flag.
wineusb.sys: Return STATUS_DELETE_PENDING when device is removed.
hidclass.sys: Stop accepting IRPs after device removal.
crypt32: Grow item size buffer by more than 1 at a time.
Tim Clem (2):
quartz/tests: Test IGraphBuilder::RenderFile() cleanup on failure.
quartz: Remove the source filter on failure in IGraphBuilder::RenderFile().
Zebediah Figura (83):
ws2_32/tests: Avoid some more test failures on Vista.
ws2_32: Use IOCTL_AFD_POLL in WSAPoll().
ws2_32: Reimplement select() on top of IOCTL_AFD_POLL.
server: Introduce IOCTL_AFD_WINE_GET_INFO.
server: Remove the no longer used get_socket_info request.
wined3d: Do not call wined3d_buffer_get_memory() in wined3d_buffer_init_data().
wined3d: Remove the now redundant "locations" parameter from wined3d_buffer_get_memory().
wined3d: Handle WINED3D_LOCATION_DISCARDED in wined3d_buffer_get_memory().
wined3d: Factor out wined3d_buffer_copy_bo_address().
wined3d: Do not use a staging buffer if discarding a mappable buffer in adapter_vk_copy_bo_address().
ws2_32: Use Win32 getsockname() and getpeername() in SO_BSP_STATE.
ws2_32/tests: Test setting SO_ACCEPTCONN.
ws2_32: Explicitly forbid setting SO_ACCEPTCONN.
ws2_32/tests: Test setting SO_TYPE.
ws2_32: Explicitly forbid setting SO_TYPE.
ws2_32: Move the getsockopt(SO_BROADCAST) implementation to ntdll.
ws2_32: Move the setsockopt(SO_BROADCAST) implementation to ntdll.
ws2_32/tests: Add some tests for SO_DEBUG.
ws2_32: Make getsockopt(SO_DEBUG) into a stub.
server: Introduce IOCTL_AFD_WINE_GET_SO_ERROR.
server: Remove the no longer used get_socket_event request.
ws2_32: Explicitly stub setsockopt(SO_ERROR).
ws2_32: Move the getsockopt(SO_KEEPALIVE) implementation to ntdll.
ws2_32: Move the setsockopt(SO_KEEPALIVE) implementation to ntdll.
ntdll/tests: Fix AVX tests on processors that don't support XSAVEOPT.
ntdll/tests: Fix a failure in test_thread_context() under Wine.
ntdll/tests: Mark a test as conditionally succeeding under Wine.
ws2_32: Move the getsockopt(SO_LINGER) implementation to ntdll.
ws2_32: Move the setsockopt(SO_LINGER) implementation to ntdll.
ws2_32: Implement getsockopt(SO_DONTLINGER) on top of Win32 getsockopt(SO_LINGER).
ws2_32: Implement setsockopt(SO_DONTLINGER) on top of Win32 setsockopt(SO_LINGER).
ws2_32: Move the getsockopt(SO_OOBINLINE) implementation to ntdll.
ws2_32: Move the setsockopt(SO_OOBINLINE) implementation to ntdll.
wined3d: Use a wined3d_resource operation to retrieve the resource dimensions in wined3d_device_context_update_sub_resource().
wined3d: Always pass a non-NULL box to context->ops->map().
wined3d: Return the map pitch in wined3d_device_context_map().
qcap/vfwcapture: Set the correct allocator properties when connecting.
wined3d: Pass a wined3d_resource and sub-resource index to wined3d_texture_check_box_dimensions().
wined3d: Move box validation to wined3d_device_context_map().
kernel32/tests: Add some tests for SetEndOfFile().
wined3d: Create buffers with a format of WINED3DFMT_R8_UNORM.
wined3d: Use wined3d_buffer_copy_bo_address() in wined3d_cs_exec_update_sub_resource().
wined3d: Pass a wined3d_const_bo_address to wined3d_cs_exec_update_sub_resource().
ws2_32: Handle SO_RCVTIMEO in the server.
ws2_32: Move the getsockopt(SO_REUSEADDR) implementation to ntdll.
ws2_32: Move the setsockopt(SO_REUSEADDR) implementation to ntdll.
winegstreamer: Change the formatting of error and warning messages a bit.
quartz: Do not print an incorrect state warning in MediaFilter_GetState() if a filter has been run asynchronously.
ws2_32: Handle SO_SNDTIMEO in the server.
advapi32/tests: Test the type and impersonation level of a linked token.
server: Create linked tokens as impersonation tokens.
ws2_32: Reimplement getsockopt(SO_TYPE) on top of ws_protocol_info().
ws2_32: Use ws_protocol_info() in getsockopt(SO_LINGER).
ws2_32/tests: Add tests for options which can only be set.
ws2_32: Explicitly return WSAENOPROTOOPT for IP membership options in getsockopt().
ws2_32: Move the setsockopt(IP_ADD_MEMBERSHIP) implementation to ntdll.
server: Use a separate request to retrieve the object name.
server: Return STATUS_KEY_DELETED when trying to retrieve the full name of a deleted key.
ntdll/tests: Add more tests for deleted keys.
wined3d: Introduce a prepare_upload_bo device context operation and use it to upload sub-resource data.
wined3d: Implement wined3d_deferred_context_prepare_upload_bo().
d3d11: Forbid map types other than DISCARD and NOOVERWRITE on a deferred context.
wined3d: Use context->ops->prepare_upload_bo() in wined3d_device_context_map() if possible.
wined3d: Implement NOOVERWRITE maps in wined3d_deferred_context_prepare_upload_bo().
wined3d: No longer queue WINED3D_CS_QUEUE_MAP operations through wined3d_device_context_ops.
include: Add a helper macro to define wine AFD control codes.
ws2_32: Move the setsockopt(IP_ADD_SOURCE_MEMBERSHIP) implementation to ntdll.
ws2_32: Move the setsockopt(IP_BLOCK_SOURCE) implementation to ntdll.
ws2_32: Move the getsockopt(IP_DONTFRAGMENT) implementation to ntdll.
ws2_32: Move the setsockopt(IP_DONTFRAGMENT) implementation to ntdll.
wined3d: Print a message when forcing CS serialization.
Zhiyi Zhang (35):
winex11.drv: Cache the current mode for detached outputs.
uxtheme/tests: Test SetWindowTheme() with a non-existent subclass.
uxtheme: Fall back to default class if the specified subclass is not found.
uxtheme: Set last error code for OpenThemeDataEx().
uxtheme: Check window handle for GetWindowTheme().
uxtheme: Check window handle for SetWindowTheme().
comctl32/tests: Add UDS_SETBUDDY tests.
winecfg: Set buddy window for the size up-down control only once.
comctl32/theme_scrollbar: Draw parent background before drawing control parts.
comctl32/treeview: Draw parent background before drawing control parts.
comctl32/toolbar: Remove a redundant theme handle check in TOOLBAR_NCCreate().
comctl32/toolbar: Test that toolbar shouldn't use outside theme handles.
comctl32/toolbar: Don't use outside theme handles.
comctl32/trackbar: Update control parts when style changed.
light.msstyles: Add Classic Blue visual style.
light.msstyles: Add Blue stub visual style.
light.msstyles: Add Button parts.
light.msstyles: Add ComboBox parts.
light.msstyles: Add Edit parts.
light.msstyles: Add List Box parts.
light.msstyles: Add Scroll Bar parts.
light.msstyles: Add Spin parts.
light.msstyles: Add Toolbar parts.
light.msstyles: Add Rebar parts.
light.msstyles: Add Status parts.
light.msstyles: Add ListView parts.
light.msstyles: Add TreeView parts.
light.msstyles: Add Header parts.
light.msstyles: Add Progress parts.
light.msstyles: Add Tab parts.
light.msstyles: Add TrackBar parts.
light.msstyles: Add Tooltip parts.
uxtheme/tests: Test that SetWindowTheme() should send WM_THEMECHANGED instead of posting it.
uxtheme: Send WM_THEMECHANGED instead of posting it in SetWindowTheme().
winecfg: Don't convert font height to points when saving system font metrics.
mf/evr: Query d3d device manager via MR_VIDEO_RENDER_SERVICE service.
evr/mixer: Set MF_MT_INTERLACE_MODE for the mixer output types.
mf/session: Forward MR_POLICY_VOLUME_SERVICE service requests to the SAR node.
mf/session: Use better failure code for rendering node service requests.
winegstreamer: Use consistent trace format for MF objects.
mfplat: Add some Video Processor attributes to tracing.
mfmediaengine: Handle shutdown state in SetSource().
mfmediaengine: Update network state when loading the media source.
Paul Gofman (11):
mshtml: Move assert.h include to mshtml_private.h.
mshtml_private.tlb: Add private typelib.
mshtml: Export requestAnimationFrame() through a private interface.
mshtml: Add console object stub implementation.
ntdll: Add SystemKernelDebuggerInformationEx info class to NtQuerySystemInformation().
ntdll: Add stub for ProcessInstrumentationCallback info class in NtSetInformationProcess().
mshtml: Add stub for HTMLElement classList property.
mshtml: Add stub object for HTMLElement classList.
mshtml: Implement IWineDOMTokenList_add() method.
mshtml: Implement IWineDOMTokenList_remove() method.
ntdll: Comment out stubs for Nt and Zw functions.
Piotr Caban (1):
msvcrt: Update round_limb on first limb length change in printf.
Rémi Bernon (15):
ntoskrnl.exe/tests: Only count test driver load notify.
ntoskrnl.exe/tests: Sync test utils with wine/test.h.
ntoskrnl.exe/tests: Add more tests for button array caps.
ntoskrnl.exe/tests: Add some HidD_GetInputReport tests.
ntoskrnl.exe/tests: Add some HidD_GetFeature tests.
ntoskrnl.exe/tests: Add some HidD_SetFeature tests.
ntoskrnl.exe/tests: Add some HidD_SetOutputReport tests.
ntoskrnl.exe: Send IRP_MN_SURPRISE_REMOVAL to the device stack first.
ntoskrnl.exe/tests: Return STATUS_PENDING from IOCTL_HID_READ_REPORT.
ntoskrnl.exe/tests: Add HID driver test in polled mode.
hidclass.sys: Return error on invalid write buffer size.
ntoskrnl.exe/tests: Add some IOCTL_HID_WRITE_REPORT tests.
hidclass.sys: Return error on invalid read buffer size.
ntoskrnl.exe/tests: Add some IOCTL_HID_READ_REPORT tests.
wine.inf: Consistently quote shell open and print commands.
Steve Lhomme (1):
include: Add AV1 support to dxva.h.
Tim Clem (3):
wininet/tests: Test InternetCrackUrl when given a bogus length.
wininet: Make heap_strndupAtoW stop at the first null.
wininet: Treat dwUrlLength as a maximum in InternetCrackUrlW.
Zebediah Figura (64):
server: Don't check the user data for NULL in async_terminate().
server: Call the close_handle callback and release_object_from_handle() in the same loop.
server: Explicitly return whether a select request was immediately signaled.
server: Remove special handling of STATUS_MORE_PROCESSING_REQUIRED.
ws2_32/tests: Fix some connection timeout tests.
ws2_32/tests: Add more tests for connection failure.
server: Return a Win32 error code from IOCTL_AFD_WINE_GET_SO_ERROR.
server: Separate a poll_single_socket() helper.
server: Report AFD_POLL_CONNECT_ERR if a previous connection attempt failed.
wined3d: Factor out most of the execute_command_list callback to a common function.
wined3d: Pass a wined3d_cs pointer to wined3d_not_from_cs().
wined3d: Set an array of constant buffers as a single CS operation.
wined3d: Set an array of shader resource views as a single CS operation.
wined3d: Set an array of samplers as a single CS operation.
server: Clear the connection error after a successful connection.
ws2_32/tests: Add more tests for invalid calls to connect() and ConnectEx().
server: Explicitly forbid connecting a listening or connected socket.
ws2_32: Move the setsockopt(IP_DROP_MEMBERSHIP) implementation to ntdll.
ws2_32: Move the setsockopt(IP_DROP_SOURCE_MEMBERSHIP) implementation to ntdll.
wined3d: Introduce a wined3d_bound_range() helper.
wined3d: Set an array of UAVs as a single CS operation.
ws2_32: Move the getsockopt(IP_HDRINCL) implementation to ntdll.
ws2_32: Move the setsockopt(IP_HDRINCL) implementation to ntdll.
ws2_32: Move the getsockopt(IP_MULTICAST_IF) implementation to ntdll.
ws2_32: Move the setsockopt(IP_MULTICAST_IF) implementation to ntdll.
ws2_32: Move the getsockopt(IP_MULTICAST_LOOP) implementation to ntdll.
include: Fix a byte offset in a comment.
wined3d: Move the uploads array in wined3d_deferred_context_record_command_list().
wined3d: Fix some memory leaks when destroying command lists.
wined3d: Fix some memory leaks when destroying deferred contexts.
ws2_32: Move the setsockopt(IP_MULTICAST_LOOP) implementation to ntdll.
ws2_32: Move the getsockopt(IP_MULTICAST_TTL) implementation to ntdll.
ws2_32: Move the setsockopt(IP_MULTICAST_TTL) implementation to ntdll.
ws2_32: Move the getsockopt(IP_OPTIONS) implementation to ntdll.
ws2_32: Move the setsockopt(IP_OPTIONS) implementation to ntdll.
ws2_32: Move the getsockopt(IP_PKTINFO) implementation to ntdll.
ws2_32: Move the setsockopt(IP_PKTINFO) implementation to ntdll.
ws2_32: Move the getsockopt(IP_TOS) implementation to ntdll.
ws2_32: Move the setsockopt(IP_TOS) implementation to ntdll.
ws2_32: Move the getsockopt(IP_TTL) implementation to ntdll.
qasf: Switch to the quartz debug channel.
qcap: Switch to the quartz debug channel.
qedit: Switch to the quartz debug channel.
qdvd: Switch to the quartz debug channel.
amstream: Switch to the quartz debug channel.
winegstreamer: Avoid using WARN_ON from a GStreamer callback.
winegstreamer: Factor out create_element().
winegstreamer: Avoid using Wine debugging functions at all in the Unix library.
winegstreamer: Switch to the quartz debug channel.
strmbase: Switch to the quartz debug channel.
wined3d: Recursively acquire queued command lists in wined3d_cs_acquire_command_list().
wined3d: Set the entire stream output state as a single CS operation.
wined3d: Set both the stream source and frequency for a given index as a single CS operation.
d3d11: Fail IASetVertexBuffers() if any of the offsets are unaligned.
wined3d: Set an arary of stream sources as a single CS operation.
d3d11: Fail OMSetRenderTargets() if any of the views have the wrong binding flags.
wined3d: Set an array of rendertarget views as a single CS operation.
d3d11: Implement constant buffer offsetting for OpenGL.
d3d11/tests: Add tests for constant buffer offsetting.
ntdll: Use a separate +unwind debug channel for unwinding on x86-64.
quartz: Factor out more of AdviseTime() and AdvisePeriodic().
quartz: Use a condition variable to wake up the system clock advise thread.
quartz/tests: Check that system clock measurements are in sequence instead of comparing absolute time.
quartz: Free outstanding advise requests when destroying a system clock.
Zhiyi Zhang (17):
user32: Avoid unnecessary scroll bar drawing.
user32: Remove SCROLL_DrawInterior_9x().
user32: Modify SCROLL_MovingThumb outside of SCROLL_DrawMovingThumb().
user32: Introduce a SCROLL_DrawNCScrollBar() to draw scroll bars in non-client area.
user32: Call SCROLL_DrawScrollBar() to draw arrows in SCROLL_HandleScrollEvent().
uxtheme: Avoid memory leaks.
user32: Call SCROLL_DrawScrollBar() to draw moving thumb in SCROLL_HandleScrollEvent().
user32: Call SCROLL_DrawScrollBar() to draw tracks in SCROLL_HandleScrollEvent().
user32: Pass a scroll bar tracking info parameter to SCROLL_DrawScrollBar().
user32: Separate scroll bar drawing calculation from actual drawing.
user32: Separate scroll bar window checks from actual drawing.
user32: Draw scroll bar size box and size grip in a single function.
uxtheme: Move themed scroll bar to uxtheme.
uxtheme: Move themed dialog to uxtheme.
uxtheme: Support drawing themed standard scroll bars.
uxtheme: Support pressed state for themed scroll bars.
uxtheme: Support scroll bar state tracking in non-client areas.
Ziqing Hui (4):
d3dx10/tests: Test texture returned by D3DX10CreateTextureFromMemory on failure.
d3dx10: Introduce initial D3DX10CreateTextureFromMemory() implementation.
d3dx10: Handle format conversion in D3DX10CreateTextureFromMemory().
d3dx10: Support block compressed formats in D3DX10CreateTextureFromMemory().
include: Add the D2D12DAffineTransform definitions.
d2d1/tests: Add an effects test.
d2d1: Add a ID2D1Image interface for effects.
d2d1: Implement d2d_effect_GetOutput().
Alexandre Julliard


@ -23,6 +23,7 @@ Adam Stachowicz
Adam Stoelting
Adrian Bunk
Adrian Harvey
Adrian Thiele
Adrian Thurston
Aidan Thornton
Akihiro Sagawa
@ -482,6 +483,7 @@ Eriks Dobelis
Erik Svendsen
Erwin Wolff
Eryk Wieliczko
Esdras Tarsis
Esme Povirk
Ethan Chen
Ethan Lee


@ -1 +1 @@
Wine version 6.12
Wine version 6.13


@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
#! /bin/sh
# Guess values for system-dependent variables and create Makefiles.
# Generated by GNU Autoconf 2.69 for Wine 6.12.
# Generated by GNU Autoconf 2.69 for Wine 6.13.
# Report bugs to <>.
@ -580,8 +580,8 @@ MAKEFLAGS=
# Identity of this package.
@ -2529,7 +2529,7 @@ if test "$ac_init_help" = "long"; then
# Omit some internal or obsolete options to make the list less imposing.
# This message is too long to be a string in the A/UX 3.1 sh.
cat <<_ACEOF
\`configure' configures Wine 6.12 to adapt to many kinds of systems.
\`configure' configures Wine 6.13 to adapt to many kinds of systems.
Usage: $0 [OPTION]... [VAR=VALUE]...
@ -2599,7 +2599,7 @@ fi
if test -n "$ac_init_help"; then
case $ac_init_help in
short | recursive ) echo "Configuration of Wine 6.12:";;
short | recursive ) echo "Configuration of Wine 6.13:";;
cat <<\_ACEOF
@ -2858,7 +2858,7 @@ fi
test -n "$ac_init_help" && exit $ac_status
if $ac_init_version; then
cat <<\_ACEOF
Wine configure 6.12
Wine configure 6.13
generated by GNU Autoconf 2.69
Copyright (C) 2012 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
@ -3542,7 +3542,7 @@ cat >config.log <<_ACEOF
This file contains any messages produced by compilers while
running configure, to aid debugging if configure makes a mistake.
It was created by Wine $as_me 6.12, which was
It was created by Wine $as_me 6.13, which was
generated by GNU Autoconf 2.69. Invocation command line was
$ $0 $@
@ -21953,7 +21953,7 @@ cat >>$CONFIG_STATUS <<\_ACEOF || ac_write_fail=1
# report actual input values of CONFIG_FILES etc. instead of their
# values after options handling.
This file was extended by Wine $as_me 6.12, which was
This file was extended by Wine $as_me 6.13, which was
generated by GNU Autoconf 2.69. Invocation command line was
@ -22024,7 +22024,7 @@ _ACEOF
cat >>$CONFIG_STATUS <<_ACEOF || ac_write_fail=1
ac_cs_config="`$as_echo "$ac_configure_args" | sed 's/^ //; s/[\\""\`\$]/\\\\&/g'`"
Wine config.status 6.12
Wine config.status 6.13
configured by $0, generated by GNU Autoconf 2.69,
with options \\"\$ac_cs_config\\"