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Gabriele M d54f4b68ec Revert "peregrine: Add radio assert"
CDMA works just fine.

This reverts commit d6efd1070c.

Change-Id: I47688f470e6ad4e68bdcafedf8439f5695300c4d
2015-12-22 20:57:59 +01:00
Luca Stefani d6efd1070c peregrine: Add radio assert
* Don't allow installation on CDMA variants

Change-Id: I44bf51509ae4d6e407d4507789df577a82904f14
2015-11-29 13:19:42 -08:00
Rabih Salamey 50bd8f55e8 peregrine: correct incorrect bootloader version
Change-Id: Ib8a09da4a3018c222d333264122a542e78c1b93c
2015-07-21 12:49:09 -04:00
LuK1337 3a83fed13e peregrine: Add Bootloader Assert
With the new version, there was a modification to the modem layout.
Users on the older bootloader would have non-functioning radio in this case. Another issue would be the display flickering.

Add assert to alert user to update his bootloader (motoboot.img)

Change-Id: I73588865646da3a962fd98309ff5710cbdee085c
2015-07-21 08:15:43 -07:00