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• Whether it's for a gift, a kind gesture, or an act of service, a Thank You Ecards lets the recipient know that their efforts are valued and appreciated. This simple act of acknowledgement can go a long way in strengthening relationships and fostering a culture of gratitude and positivity. Receiving a thank you card is a thoughtful and meaningful gesture that can make the recipient feel special and valued.
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We are living in the age of a knowledge society where everything is tech-based everything is fast-paced and everything is automated. The era of robotics and robots is a new normal, round ball-looking devices helping to get rid of dust simply, the vacuum cleaner is replaced by cleaner robots, and robots are taken the place of waiters, even AI and robots are widely used in E-tourism. The From security checks to baggage management even helping guests to reach their destinations robots are everywhere. China, Japan, and Korea are paving the path of a new robot-led society. People staying at home or working from home felt stress, anxiety, and depression like never before. Lay-offs, lack of job security, and apprehensiveness towards disease. HOW ROBOTS CAN HELP? The study conducted by the University of Cambridge established the fact that a robot can take care of mental well-being at the workplace. Visit University Assignment Help The question now arises how can a robot help maintain mental health? The experts of Cambridge made two robots, one humanoid, and one another toy-like. Dr. Micol Spitale and his co-workers took their robots from the lab to real-life settings. And monitor the progress of robots. These robots are, ,the QTRRobot(QT) and the Misty . They supported employees to improve their mental well-being. The robot-guided employees through 4 different exercises. These just not worked for their mental soundness but also their physical health. Furthermore, participants who participated in the program discussed how robots are like coaches, their soothing voices, and facial expressions made them feel better and created a safe and relaxed environment. One of the studies done by oracle Found that using automation or robots lowers the workload, helps in achieving better mental health, robots can be available 24*7, they can be trustworthy too.
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Có thể thấy rằng khi cuộc sống ngày càng phát triển thì nhu cầu đi du lịch lại càng tăng cao hơn.
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