Peer to peer omemo encrypted chat
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The idea is to make a peer to peer chat with omemo encryption support (I really don’t know how to implement omemo but I’ll try my best).

The system is like: I open a port on my computer and someone connects to it to send me some messages. If I want to answer, the person needs to open a port too, so I can connect and send a message. There won’t be any servers that you have to connect to chat, you just connect to the person you wanna talk.


The bytecode can be found here (OpenJDK 11)

If you wish to compile it from source or you have a different Java version do like this:

git clone
cd fnordchat
javac org/erischan/fnordchat/*.java
java org/erischan/fnordchat/JanelaPrincipal

UPDATE: Thinking better I think OTR fits better than omemo, and it looks less complex to implement, so maybe I’ll switch the encryption algorithms. Actually the chat is working, but still has many flaws. I’ll try to fix it as soon as possible.

What do we have:

  • Graphical interface
  • Working chat
  • omemo/otr support

I’m currently very unexperienced with java, but I’m trying hard at it.