Update AUTHORS and .mailmap file

And add a note to doc/HowToRelease.txt to not forget to update the list
of authors in the future ...
Alexander Barton 8 years ago
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commit 86d27eaf89

@ -1,4 +1,14 @@
# mailmap file for git-[short]log and git-blame
# use "git shortlog -se" to see the list of all authors.
Alexander Barton <alex@barton.de> <anonymous>
Alexander Barton <alex@barton.de> <alex@kfreebsd.barton.de>
Alexander Barton <anonymous>
Ali Shemiran <ashemira@ucsd.edu>
Dana Dahlstrom <dana+ngIRCd@cs.ucsd.edu> <dana@cs.ucsd.edu>
Dana Dahlstrom <dana+ngIRCd@cs.ucsd.edu> <dana+70@cs.ucsd.edu>
DNS <dns@rbose.org>
LucentW <lucent@zebes.info> <LucentW@users.noreply.github.com>

@ -41,15 +41,23 @@ Eric Grunow <egrunow@ucsd.edu>
Federico G. Schwindt <fgsch@lodoss.net>
Gabor Adam Toth <tg@tgbit.net>
Goetz Hoffart <goetz@hoffart.de>
Ian Chard <ian@chard.org>
Ilja Osthoff <i.osthoff@gmx.net>
Jari Aalto <jari.aalto@cante.net>
LucentW <lucent@zebes.info>
Mantas Mikulėnas <grawity@gmail.com>
Neale Pickett <neale@woozle.org>
Peter Powell <petpow@saberuk.com>
Rolf Eike Beer <eike@sf-mail.de>
Roy Sindre Norangshol <roy.sindre@norangshol.no>
Scott Perry <scperry@ucsd.edu>
Sean Reifschneider <jafo-rpms@tummy.com>
Sebastian Köhler <sebkoehler@whoami.org.uk>
Tassilo Schweyer <dev@welterde.de>
Tom Ryder <tom@sanctum.geek.nz>
Unit 193 <unit193@ubuntu.com>
William Pitcock <nenolod@dereferenced.org>
Yecheng Fu <cofyc.jackson@gmail.com>
xor <xorboy@gmail.com>

@ -37,6 +37,7 @@ II. How to prepare a new ngIRCd release?
a) Make sure the source tree is in a releasable state ;-)
- is the AUTHORS file up to date?
b) Make sure you have working versions of GNU autoconf and GNU automake
installed on the system you use for generating the release: