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import inspect
import types
from io import StringIO
import sys
import re
did_you_mean = re.compile(r'Did you mean (.*)\?', re.IGNORECASE)
what = 'what?'
class Yes(types.ModuleType):
def __init__(self, other):
for attr in dir(other):
setattr(self, attr, getattr(other, attr))
def __repr__(self):
last_error = sys.last_value
return what
if not isinstance(last_error, Exception):
return what
error_message = str(last_error)
suggestion =
except Exception as e:
return what
if not suggestion.startswith('print('):
suggestion_ = f'print(({suggestion}).__repr__())'
suggestion_ = suggestion
frame = inspect.currentframe()
locals = frame.f_back.f_locals
del frame
old_stdout = sys.stdout
eval_output = sys.stdout = StringIO()
eval(suggestion_, globals(), locals)
sys.stdout = old_stdout
return(f'{sys.ps1}{suggestion} \n{eval_output.getvalue()[:-1]}')
sys.modules[__name__] = Yes(sys.modules[__name__])